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"Welcome to Turaxis II, son...If you like to fight, you came to the right place."

- Master Sergeant Hanson welcomes Jim Raynor to Turaxis II(src)

Turaxis II is a planet situated in or near the Koprulu Sector.

It featured a single ocean. Its three moons ensures it has a short (six hour) night and a long twilight. It had a noticeable agricultural industry, with moss farms being one example.[1] Fishing fleets operate on the planet.[2]


The Guild Wars[]

Main article: Battle of Turaxis II

During the Guild Wars, the Terran Confederacy and Kel-Morian Combine fought over it. The Confederacy used an elite force, the 321st Colonial Rangers Battalion, in high-priority missions on the planet.[3]

In 2488 Cole Hickson and Jim Raynor were captured and thrown into a P.O.W. camp there. They were tortured by captors seeking information on neural resocialization.[4]

Dominion World[]

With the fall of the Confederacy, the planet became a world of the newly established Terran Dominion. Dominion Marine Corps recruits were trained here.[5] The planet's infrastructure recovered enough to where regular shipments of hab were being sent from Deadman's Port to the planet's affluent youth.[6]

Military Geography[]

During the Guild Wars, the Terran Confederacy held control of the western half of the planet, with the Kel-Morian Combine holding the eastern part. The disputed zone was bordered on its western edge by the Snakeback Mountains. Firebase Zulu and Fort Howe, Confederate bases, were near the disputed zone. In the bombed out ruins of this disputed zone banditry and criminal activity were common.

The strategic city of Polk's Pride was divided into a Kel-Morian-dominated north and a Confederate-dominated south, split by the Paddick River, until Confederate Colonel Javier Vanderspool oversaw the capture of the northern section.[1]



Military Bases[]






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