Turaxis Prime was a Confederate Armed Forces military base maintained on Turaxis II during the Guild Wars. Recruits were trained here by Major Lionel Macaby on an accelerated schedule.[1]



Located unusually close to a combat zone, Turaxis Prime was surrounded by a 100 yard deep free-fire zone, intended as a last line of defense should the base come under Kel-Morian attack. The zone was free of vegetation, mined, swept regularly with scans and surrounded by weapon emplacements. Boro Airbase was located approximately 7000 miles from Turaxis Prime, and the town of Braddock was nearby.[1]


Turaxis Prime included a massive underground hanger deck (A Deck), capable of storing hundreds of dropships, Avengers and other types of aircraft. E Deck was an area referred to as "the grinder"—effectively a parade ground used for calisthenics and speeches. Dormitory-style accommodation was located below—each platoon had its own rectangular room, with racked beds and communal sonic showers. Even further down was Macaby's office. On the surface were at least two gates designated phonetically (alpha, beta, etc.). An airstrip was also located adjacent to the base.[1]


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