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The twilight archon was a protoss heavy assault unit in StarCraft II. It has since been replaced by the archon.[2][3]


TwilightArchon Frontline

Lekila and Rihod merged into a twilight archon.

Both branches of the protoss warrior tradition share the ability to merge their souls. Twilight archons radiate incalculable power and can unleash devastating psionic storms against enemy forces both in the air and on the ground.[4]

The first (and only confirmed) twilight archon was formed shortly after the Fall of Aiur from a high templar named Rihod and a former high templar cut off from the Khala, Lekila. The merged form possessed considerable power, devastating zerg forces around it in a highly visible display. It could even teleport objects. A Dark Templar commander considered it a sign of the future.[5]

Game UnitEdit

The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

TwilightArchon SC2 Game1

Twilight archon unit. The psionic "cloud" has been redesigned.

The twilight archon was replaced by the archon by March 2008.[2][3]

A twilight archon could be created from the merging of either two high templar, two dark templar, or one of each type of warrior.[6]

The true abilities of the twilight archon are shrouded in mystery, though it is clear that they were more than capable of taking care of themselves and dishing out considerable damage to clumps of weaker ground units.[7] They were described as "attacking with psionic storms"[4] which is identical to the archon description in the StarCraft I manual.[8]

Unlike the archons in original StarCraft, the psionic manifestation of the twilight archon matched the team color.


Twilight archons possessed the dark archon's feedback ability, an ability revealed at BlizzCon 2007.[9][10]

Heroes of the StormEdit

Heroes DevLog2

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

Twilight Archons appear as in Heroes of the Storm as the level 20 upgrade to Tassadar's Archon ability. This modifies the appearance of the ability to have a purple glow.[11]

Known Twilight ArchonsEdit

TwilightArchon SC2 Game2

Twilight archons attacking


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