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"There she is - planet Typhon. Don't look so bad."

- Tychus Findlay just prior to the planet's destruction(src)

Typhon XI was a planet in the Koprulu sector. It was destroyed in 2504 when its star went nova.[1]


"Fire. Why does it always have to be fire..."

- Jim Raynor, in light of the planet's firestorms(src)

Typhon XI was considered remote by terrans and its sparse mineral deposits made it a poor candidate for colonization. Nonetheless, a sizable Tal'darim force was present on the world.

During the Second Great War, the local star was about to go nova. Raynor's Raiders were forced to travel there to retrieve a piece of the Keystone guarded by the Tal'darim. The fires started by the impending stellar catastrophe forced the Raiders to continually relocate their base, but they managed to escape with the artifact before the supernova hit them.[1]


Typhon Board Game Board1

Typhon in the board game

  • In Greek mythology, Typhon was a deadly monster and the final son of Gaia.