The Tyrador III research facility was a sprawling Dominion installation located on Tyrador III.


Various scientists were housed at the facility, working on a variety of different projects. One of these projects was research into creating an energy shield similar to protoss plasma shields, albeit without the need for a psi-field generator. Doctors Egon Stetmann and Isabella Yorin were among the staff working on this project. Within a few months, Stetmann had created a working prototype. However, when he was granted higher security clearance, he discovered that test subjects were being harvested from New Folsom Prison and forcefully fitted with cybernetic grafts.

Apart from Stetmann, the other scientists were willing to turn a blind eye—the facility's compartmentalized nature had the psychological effect of making the researchers focus on their own work, unable or unwilling to see the bigger picture. Stetmann later made his escape by releasing a virus into the facility's systems. All data was purged from the central computer; test subject holding cells were opened; and security turrets attacked guards on sight. Stetmann made a successful escape with the force field prototype.[1]


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