Tyrador IX (named Arakyr to the Ihan-rii), part of the Tyrador system, is an important terran colony, and former capital world of the Ihan-rii protoss. Currently it is jointly owned by the Ihan-rii and the Terran Dominion.

The planet was a popular tourist destination and located some distance from Tarsonis.[1] Many of the resort employees were forced to work to pay off debts.[2] The planet is considered to be to be a resort for the wealthy, and the planetary defenders, the Knights of Tyrador, have weapons and technology more to wow the guests of the planet rather than be practical in its defense.[3]

Planetology[edit | edit source]

Tyrador VIII, with its sister planet Tyrador IX in the background.

Tyrador IX co-orbits with its sister planet, Tyrador VIII, both of them the outermost planets of the system.[2] Tyrador IX appears to be the larger of the two.[4]

The planet has extremes of climate due to the co-orbiting. A change of a few kilometers results in significant changes in temperature, humidity and other aspects of climate,[1] exemplified by deserts being located at the base of snow-capped mountains. Such variable climates have granted the planet equally diverse and unique ecosystems.[2] The planet is known to have intense shifts in temperature, which have required the Knights of Tyrador to adept their technology to suit the climate.

Underneath the planet is a series of lava tubes that snake deep beneath the surface, where there are reservoirs of vespene gas. The planet's southern pole contains veins of void crystals.

Tyrador IX is known for its emerald coves and large reefs. However, the diverse climate has also led the the issue of large dust storms and massive fog banks that can obscure vision. Since colonization by the terrans, many native species were wiped out, and the air quality of the world has suffered.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Thousands of years ago, Tyrador IX was the homeworld of the Ihan-rii, a fanatical splinter group of protoss who believed they were the true descendants of the xel'naga.[5] They named this planet Arakyr, and had a fondness for the world, later designing their warp prisms after a flower that once covered the hillsides of the planet, and modeling their photon cannon phase disruptors after an avian native to the world. The Ihan-rii departed the planet, going into deep stasis on the fringes of the sector.[3]

Confederate World[edit | edit source]

An Elsecaro beach

After the arrival of the terrans to the Koprulu Sector, Tyrador IX became a core world of the Terran Confederacy[6] and one of the last such worlds to be settled. Early settlers hunted down a number of species of the planet's exotic wildlife to extinction.[3] Many coastal towns were set up and the Old Families possessed numerous private enclaves and estates, some of which were used for family shames.[2] Its economy was shattered, forcing many citizens into debt to various Confederate financial institutions, which often charged them usurious rates. These citizens often became indentured employees at the planet's numerous resorts.[2]

Tyrador IX had seemed safe from rebel attacks, but in 2481 anti-Confederate terrorists attacked the resort town of Elsecaro, going out of their way to kill uniformed marines. They were defeated by visitors, Arcturus Mengsk, an off-duty Confederate lieutenant, and his Umojan girlfriend Juliana Pasteur's security guards. Mengsk was acclaimed a hero by the local militia.[2]

The Great War and Aftermath[edit | edit source]

During the Great War Tyrador IX was used by the Old Families who wished to escape terrorist or alien attacks on Tarsonis.[1] After the fall of the Terran Confederacy, the planet became part of the Terran Dominion. In 2502,[7] the settlement of New Canaan became the site of anti-Dominion riots.[8]

Defenders of Man Insurgency[edit | edit source]

"Reports are coming in from major population centers. They detail extensive damage-and high casualties. It seems all evacuation efforts were unsuccessful."
"How many zerg are there?"
"Enough to vastly outnumber our forces, including all of the Dominion personnel on the world below. We are too late, Nova."

The zerg invader Tyrador IX

During the Defenders of Man Insurgency, Tyrador IX was targeted by the Defenders of Man for a staged feral zerg attack. The Defenders used psi-emitters to lure a swarm to the planet, causing massive civilian casualties and overwhelming the unprepared Dominion forces on the planet. A Defenders of Man fleet then arrived to rescue what civilians they could. Agent Nova Terra and her Covert Ops Crew, who had been investigating the Defenders of Man, arrived and attempted to take out the zerg threat, then deal with the Defenders.[9]

The Death Fleet arrives

Nova and her banshees attacked a group of zerg hatcheries, as the Defenders of Man set up a defensive perimeter around a group of civilians. However, the Tal'darim Death Fleet soon arrived, stating they intended to destroy the Defenders of Man. Nova knew that this would cause massive civilian casualties, and decided to take the fight to them. The Tal'darim warped in shield projectors to protect their mothership, as well as a fleet beacon to the nearby Shell Isle. Nova destroyed the shield projectors, rendering the mothership vulnerable. First Ascendant Ji'nara, the commander of the Tal'darim attack, then sent her mothership against Nova's forces, but it was destroyed. With the Tal'darim forced to withdraw, the Defenders of Man were able to rally and destroy the feral zerg, saving the surviving civilians and getting all the credit.[10] In the aftermath, an enraged Dominion population saw Emperor Valerian Mengsk as too weak, and began to protest outside of Korhal Palace, calling for his resignation.[11]

Cerberus Invasion[edit | edit source]

Main article: Battle of Tyrador IX

After the Defenders of Man Insurgency, Tyrador IX's tourism industry was devastated. In order to restore the people's faith in their saftey, the Knights of Tyrador were formed, given visually striking and bombastic equipment. However, much of this was an illusion, as corners were cut in their effectiveness of their weapons.[5]

Some time later, zerg under the command of the Cerberus Program launched an invasion of Tyrador IX, hired by rival systems in an act of corporate sabotage. The Knights of Tyrador, woefully unprepared, were quickly overwhelmed by the rampaging zerg broods. Salvation arrived in the form of the Ihan-rii, who had been awoken from stasis and sought to return to their homeworld. They engaged the Cerberus zerg just as New Canaan was ready to fall, and fought back against the alien tide. The combined forces of the Ihan-rii and Knights of Tyrador drove the Cerberus zerg back.[3]

Joint Ownership[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of the Battle of Tyrador, diplomatic talks were held between the Ihan-rii and the powers of the sector. It was agreed that the Ihan-rii and Terran Dominion would share joint ownership of the planet, with the Ihan-rii being able to settle the world while the terrans retained some mining rights. Borders between the two were drawn up. However, tensions began to inflame as distrust began between the Knights of Tyrador the the Ihan-rii. Facilities on the disputed border were mysteriously destroyed, clumsy diplomats died due to Ihan-rii technology during visits, and the Knights accused Ihan-rii of trying to spy on their facilities.

The Ihan-rii meanwhile were upset with the terran's treatment of their homeworld, having hunted to extinction many venerated species and polluted the planet's air. The Ihan-rii began to warp in a large number of capital ships and robotic constructs in their settlements, as well as set up a shield battery network for "defense against unruly wildlife." The Knight of Tyrador in response set up their own missile turret network, and increased production from their starports.

Meanwhile, the Cerberus Program, unwilling to give up their invasion efforts, seeded the lava tubes under the planet with their hatcheries, and began spawning defenses underneath the planet's defenders and siphoning the planet's vespene gas. Lurker dens were set up to give early warning, baneling nests were spawned at key points, and a variety of broods were created and adapted with the local fauna. Neural parasites were used on any unwarp splunkers who wandered into the Cerberus hive clusters to make sure they reported back before vanishing. Nydus networks meanwhile snaked the surface of the planet, to ensure that the inevidable second battle of Tyrador IX would tilt in favor of Cerberus.[3]

Known Locations[edit | edit source]

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In I, Mengsk, Tyrador IX is mistakenly referred to as Tyrador X, while later in the book it is said that the sister worlds of Tyrador VIII and IX are the outermost planets of the system.[2]
  • Tyrador IX was going to feature in Heart of the Swarm as part of the Destruction of Worlds mechanic. The player could send Rokarr to conquer the planet as an alternative to the Nephor II. The aim would be to destroy one of the last standing Dominion core worlds and pave a path to Korhal.[12]

References[edit | edit source]

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