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Tyrador VIII, part of the Tyrador System, orbits closely around its sister planet, Tyrador IX. Tyrador VIII has ten continents, some of which are sparsely populated.

Due to its co-orbiting, the planet has extremes of climates. A change of a few kilometers would change the temperature, humidity and other aspects of climate.[1]

Along with Tyrador IX, Tyrador VIII is the outermost planet in the system.[2] Of the pair, Tyrador VIII appears to be the smaller.

It was famous for its centers of higher learning, orderly streets, and sanitary parks.[3]


Tyrador VIII was one of the first "planned" worlds of the Terran Confederacy.[3] During the Guild Wars, in 2488, the Kel-Morian Combine launched at least one attack on Tyrador VIII near a refinery.[4]

The Great War[]

The War Pigs on Tyrador VIII

In 2500, Tyrador VIII was the site of a battle between the War Pigs, a band of outlaws, and soldiers of the Cerberus Program. The War Pigs won.[5]

Later that year, the then-secret heir to the Terran Dominion Valerian Mengsk used the capital, Gramercy City, as a hideout. He watched the inauguration of the Dominion from there.[2]

The Interbellum[]

Following the Brood War, a sparsely populated continent was used by Cliff Nadaner and his anarchist group to hide from the Terran Dominion in a dead spot. They were killed by a Dominion agent.[1]

The Second Great War[]

Main article: The Moebius Factor

During the Second Great War, the Queen of Blades attacked the Moebius Foundation's main research campus on the planet. Three Moebius Security teams were sent by Doctor Emil Narud to purge the Foundation data cores. They were unable to reach those cores and the survivors took refuge on the campus rooftops. Raynor's Raiders arrived and helped them destroy the data cores before evacuating.[3]



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