The Tyrador System lies within what used to be Confederate space[1] and is the home of an alcoholic beverage known as the Tyrador Mindbender.[2] The system was the former home of the fanatical protoss sect, the Ihan-rii, before it was abandoned.[3]

Located several days travel from the Korhal System,[4] it contains the following settled planets:

Due to their co-orbiting, both Tyrador VIII and Tyrador IX have extremes of climate. A change of a few kilometers would change the temperature, humidity and other aspects of climate.[5] Unique life-forms such as the Tyrador blood-shrike can be found in that ecosystem.[4]


StarCraft: I, Mengsk describes Tyrador VIII and Tyrador IX as the outermost planets in the Tyrador system, but mistakenly refers to Tyrador IX as Tyrador X.[4]


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