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The United Earth Directorate Expeditionary Fleet (a.k.a. UED Expeditionary Force)[1] was a human strike force dispatched to the Koprulu Sector in order to bring the sector under UED control during the Brood War. The fleet was commanded by Admiral Gerard DuGalle with Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov as his second.[2] The UED Expeditionary Fleet was destroyed by the zerg Swarm temporarily backed by the terrans and the protoss.[3] The scattered remnants of the UED forces kept a low profile in the Koprulu Sector.[4]


The United Powers League became aware of the existence of the zerg and protoss in the Koprulu Sector. Fearing a possible attack on Earth, the UED was formed, resulting in the dispatching of a fleet, tasked to

  1. Conquer all of the "rogue" terran colonies, and capture Arcturus Mengsk, the Emperor of the newly formed Terran Dominion.
  2. Take control of the entire Zerg Swarm by capturing the new Overmind with psychics and powerful drugs.
  3. Use the captured Zerg Swarm to pacify all protoss activity within the sector.[2]

The fleet leaves Earth

The UED fleet arrived in the sector after the Great War. One of the fleet's first actions was to conduct a "weapons test" in which Admiral DuGalle observed a battle between zerg he had released onto an unsuspecting Dominion colony.[5]

Another early action was at Braxis as the UED sought to take control of the planet from the Dominion. The UED blockade of the world was forced by the protoss escaping with the Uraj.[6] Although the protoss escaped the fleet proceeded to assault Boralis, the capital city, and capture the planet. In the process the UED recruited Lieutenant Samir Duran and elements of his Confederate Resistance Forces.[7]

UED ships within the Dylar system

The UED fleet continued to attack the Dominion, such as capturing the Dylarian Shipyards and destroying a Dominion Armada counterattack led by General Edmund Duke.[8] It also found the Psi Disrupter on Tarsonis despite heavy zerg presence in the world as it feared that Dominion Emperor Arcturus Mengsk's forces would take the Psi Disrupter first.[9]

Conquest of the Dominion[]

The fleet besieged Korhal, the Dominion throne world. The Dominion's superior numbers and a strong defense failed to stop the invaders. The UED conquered the planet and destroyed Mengsk's palace in Augustgrad; the intervention of Raynor's Raiders and a small protoss fleet allowed the Dominion emperor to escape.[10]

The "Betrayal" of Alexei Stukov[]

The fleet's next course of battle would be at the world of Aiur, where Mengsk and Raynor had escaped. There, it found that a huge protoss refugee base was located there with a warp gate and worse, multiple zerg broods surrounding the base. The Expeditionary Fleet was able to destroy one zerg brood there with relative ease and secure a base and launch a large attack to the protoss base though by then, the warp gate had been activated which triggered the zerg into full action. Despite this, the fleet's forces were able to rout the protoss defenders and destroy Raynor's command center. With the fugitives Mengsk and Raynor attempting to escape, the UED followed them in hot pursuit. The mission would have been successful though a huge wave of zerg descended upon the attacking fleet from the north-east, forcing the fleet to fall back. They did not realize however, that Samir Duran had betrayed them by moving his troops out of the area.[11]

A UED marine

Alexei Stukov left the debacle on Aiur and secretly reconstructed the Psi Disrupter on Braxis. When DuGalle realized that the Disrupter hadn't been destroyed, the fleet redeployed to Braxis. DuGalle sent a commando force under Duran in order to "terminate" Stukov's command. Duran killed Stukov, who, with his last words, revealed to DuGalle that Duran was a traitor and possibly infested, and told DuGalle that the Disrupter was essential to their mission. Shortly thereafter, a large wave of zerg invaded the Disrupter, while someone had set the power core to self-destruct. The UED forces were able to defeat the zerg and save the Disrupter.[12]

UED Expeditionary Fleet at Char

Zerg Slaves[]

Perhaps the last major victory of the UED fleet's came upon Char, where it went to enslave the second Overmind and its minions after activating the Disrupter. Initially, the fleet came across many difficulties thanks to three specialized cerebrates; one giving sunken colonies invincibility, one spawning a Torrasque and the other guarded by large numbers of infested terrans. However, these cerebrates were destroyed eventually and the second Overmind was finally captured, effectively giving the UED Expeditionary Fleet more numbers and making them the dominant power of the Koprulu Sector.[13] A victory report was send back to Earth though much of it was exaggerated. For example, Stukov's was reported to have died heroically in action on Char.[14]

Downfall of the UED Invasion[]

The Fleet's heavy-handed actions rallied the inhabitants of the sector against it. A powerful but uneasy alliance between the Queen of Blades, Raynor's Raiders, Fenix's protoss force and the remnants of the Terran Dominion rallied against the UED fleet's forces. In essence, the UED fleet's doom slowly began after the alliance destroyed the Psi Disrupter.[15] Making things worse, the alliance attacked the fleet's garrison backed up by zerg slave broods on Korhal. Although the fleet lost the battle,[16] the alliance also crumbled due to Kerrigan betraying her allies.[17]

The UED then dispatched a large number of its slave zerg against Kerrigan's main hive cluster on Tarsonis. In an attempt to bolster their control over the zerg, the UED performed scientific experiments on them. However, the UED Science Corps still lost the battle.[18] When Kerrigan and her main forces attacked Char, the fleet was able to maintain strong control over the enslaved Overmind and its minions. The majority of the fleet was stationed at Char. Kerrigan, along with "assistance" from the Dark Templar, was able to defeat the fleet and its pet zerg and the battle concluded with Zeratul slaying the second Overmind.[19] With the zerg firmly back under Kerrigan's control, the Expeditionary Fleet withdrew from Char, although some remnants were left behind on the planet and were in the vicinity of Kerrigan and Zeratul's final skirmish to secure the Matriarch Raszagal.[20]

By this point, some UED troops had defected, and would end up stranded in the Koprulu Sector.[21]

The annihilated UED Expeditionary Fleet

The remnants of the fleet returned to Char at the same time Dominion and protoss forces converged on the planet. The timing was inconvenient for the zerg whose bulk were on the planet surface with just one brood remaining on Char Aleph. DuGalle made a final demand for Kerrigan's submission which in turn was met by a suitably defiant response. The battle for the space platform fared badly for the UED and DuGalle was forced to concede. The Admiral's attempt to parley and negotiate for the lives of his men was rebuffed by the Queen of Blades. There would be no prisoners.[3] Shortly thereafter the majority of UED Expeditionary Fleet was overtaken and destroyed by the zerg as they retreated to Earth. No vessels ever made it back to Earth to report what had transpired.[22][23]


UED stand-ins in a Dominion training exercise

Remnants of the Expeditionary Fleet survived in the Koprulu Sector, hiding[23] in places such as on Abaddon.[24][4] At least one element of the fleet abandoned during the Brood War became the Spartan Company, a band of mercenary goliath pilots.[25] The Spartan Company offered their services to Raynor's Raiders.[26]

The remnants were still viewed as a threat by the Terran Dominion and along with the Umojans were declared "race traitors".[27] Emperor Arcturus Mengsk vowed to stamp out what he called the "impotent leftovers of a failed campaign" and sent ghost agents to assassinate their leaders and spies.[4]

The UED remnants required a lot of support and generally kept a low profile.[4] In 2503,[28][29][30] they were falsely blamed for attacks by Project: Shadowblade (such as against Atticus Minor in 2503) by the Terran Dominion, which tried to hide the kidnapping of ghosts by Shadowblade.[4]

Even years later, the aftershock of their invasion left many UED sympathizer movements around the Koprulu sector, though they kept a low profile.[31] At least some of these sympathizers had xenophobic beliefs, and hoped the UED would return to wipe out the protoss and zerg.[32]

Known Members[]

A UED officer


Military Wings[]

The fleet's aerospace forces

Battle Order[]

The UED Expeditionary Fleet itself was organized into at least two distinct wings:

There were also several specialized organizations within the whole Fleet:

A UED pilot

The UED Blockade was formed to blockade and besiege planets.[33] The UED Strike Team and UED Commando Force were ground forces that played a role in some of the Directorate operations. The Science Corps controlled the second Overmind and its minions.[34] The Defense Garrison defended Braxis and the psi disrupter.[35][36]

Vice Admiral Stukov himself had an Elite Guard, which used blue as its color. Stukov would actually defy the Directorate orders, although he did so in the Directorate's best interests. But disinformation by Samir Duran, a former member of Alpha Squadron, would lead to the death of Stukov.[36]

During the Brood War, the UED's forces were augmented by "colonial conscripts"[7] and defeated Dominion forces.[8]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1.jpg

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

The UED Expeditionary Fleet pioneered innovative infantry compositions, which were imitated by Amon's Forces during the End War.[37]


Occupied Worlds[]

Other Worlds[]

  • Aiur - The UED pursued Jim Raynor and Arcturus Mengsk from Korhal and attempted to capture them. The fugitives escaped through a warp gate with the aid of unexpected zerg interference. Further pursuit was not immediately possible when the gate self-destructed.
  • Dylar IV - Location of the Dylarian Shipyards. An assault captured Dominion ships for UED use from the yards. Following the attack the yards were demolished and the local Dominion forces impressed.
  • Tarsonis - The dormant Psi Disrupter drew the UED's attention to the zerg-infested world; the device was ultimately moved to Braxis. The fleet returned with slave broods to destroy Sarah Kerrigan's hive clusters; the attack failed when the UED lost control of the slave broods.



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