The UED Science Corps is a scientific wing of the United Earth Directorate.


Shortly after Sarah Kerrigan defeated the United Earth Directorate forces on Korhal and returned to Tarsonis, the UED responded with a counterattack, sending a pair of Slave Broods to attack Kerrigan's forces.

UED scientists coordinated the zerg forces,[1] working alongside genetic engineers which were conducting experiments on passive zerg. Security guards and pyrotechnic engineers were assigned to protect the scientists. Kerrigan's forces defeated the Slave Broods by killing the scientists.[2]


  1. Samir Duran: "My Queen, we have located a small Terran facility towards the rear of the Renegades' landing zone. There appears to be a number of UED scientists working within the compound, but we are unable to determine the purpose of their presence..."
    Sarah Kerrigan: "I know what they're up to. I suspected that the UED's control of the Overmind was tenuous. Tarsonis is too remote for them to maintain direct control over the Swarms, so they've sent these 'scientists' to coordinate their attack."
    Duran: "Cerebrate, focus your attacks against the Terran facility. All of the UED scientists must be killed. Only then will we be able to finish off these Renegade Zerg." StarCraft: Brood War. Vivendi Games. Level/area: Fury of the Swarm (in English). 1998.
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