The UED Slave Broods were several zerg broods controlled by the United Earth Directorate after it had captured the second Overmind.


During the early stages of the Brood War, the former Zerg Swarm was split into two factions, Sarah Kerrigan's Zerg Swarm and Daggoth's Renegade Zerg faction.[1][2]

The two sides clashed on Shakuras and elsewhere, with Daggoth's forces losing most of its cerebrates.[3]

The United Earth DirectorateEdit

The United Earth Directorate, a government based on Earth, sent an Expeditionary Fleet to the Koprulu Sector, led by Admiral Gerard DuGalle, intent on capturing the Overmind and, through it, controlling the zerg to pacify the protoss as part of Project "Black Flag".[4] To this end, the force captured the Psi Disrupter, a powerful anti-zerg weapon, and used it to weaken the zerg forces on Char. This enabled DuGalle's forces to capture the second Overmind.[5] Using neurostims and powerful psychics, the UED "pacified" the Overmind.[6]

Conflict with KerriganEdit

This brought the UED into direct conflict with Sarah Kerrigan, who desired control of these zerg forces.[5] She arranged an alliance with the Terran Dominion, Raynor's Raiders and protoss forces under the command of Fenix to attack the UED forces on Korhal, the throne world of the Dominion which the UED had captured.

Overmind2 SC1 Game2

Second Overmind's hive cluster

Kerrigan's forces led the assault, fighting both the UED forces and its enslaved zerg. Kerrigan noted that the UED had trouble controlling its enslaved zerg at that distance from the second Overmind on Char. Kerrigan and her allies achieved victory.[7]

In revenge, the UED attacked Kerrigan at her fortress on Tarsonis, using masses of enslaved zerg coordinated by "scientists". The UED also had genetic engineers present, conducting experiments on seemingly passive zerg. Kerrigan ordered her forces to destroy the scientists, which caused the formerly passive zerg to rampage out of control.[8]

Eventually Kerrigan was ready to take the fight to the UED. Garnering Dark Templar as "allies", she launched an assault on Char. The "allied" forces slew the second Overmind,[9] putting the zerg underneath Kerrigan's command.[10]


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