Ulrik was a Kel-Morian Combine diplomat.

He was sent to the Kel-Morian mining town of Meteor Station in order to negotiate the sale of a xel'naga artifact recently uncovered to the Terran Dominion. However, the station managers interfered, forcing a higher price (so they could skim the profits). Indeed, they wouldn't tell him who his Dominion contact was, as they preferred to act as the middlemen.

Ulrik was at the Sour Moon, a bar, when a Dominion mercenary found an excuse to attack him. Ulrik was rescued by Starry Lace, a singer who got the mercenary's attention.

Afterward, Ulrik's friends teased him because he couldn't talk down his assailant when Lace called him up to her apartment to "thank" him. She treated his black eye but threw him out when he mentioned that zerg had been seen in a nearby orbit.

She later sought him out and managed to seduce him this time. He admitted his problems with selling the artifact to Lace, who then told him she had discovered who his Dominion contact with. They set up a rendezvous.

Ulrik, Lace and the contact, Richard, met in an isolated spot. Ulrik handed over the artifact, but they were quickly attacked by the zerg, which stole the artifact. Richard blamed Lace for the attack, and when Ulrik tried to stop him from shooting her, Richard shot him in the shoulder. However, Richard failed to kill Lace as a hydralisk impaled him. Lace urged Ulrik to flee, but the zerg caught and killed him.[2]


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