The Umojan Ruling Council is the governing body of the Umojan Protectorate.


As the passengers of the Reagan spread across Umoja, they quickly adopted a method of fair and democratic governance that later became known as the Umojan Ruling Council. It had a philosophy of leaving nothing to waste, which kept Umoja's flora and fauna unspoiled.[1]

During the Rebellion of Korhal, the Ruling Council secretly pledged to aid Senator Angus Mengsk, whom it had close personal ties to.[1]

The Ruling Council was immediately wary of the growing influence of the Terran Confederacy. Its members saw the outcome of the Guild Wars as utterly abusive. As a result, the Ruling Council held an emergency sitting where Councilor Jorgensen announced the creation of the Umojan Protectorate.[2] Remaining on Umoja, the Ruling Council invited members from allied colonies into its ranks and became the governing body of the entire Protectorate.[1]

The Ruling Council embarked on a more covert route to uphold its independence from the Terran Dominion, as it was fully aware of its unparalleled military might.[1] This included the use of shadowguards to raid the Simonson Munitions Factory,[3] and supplying the spectres in their rebellion against Mengsk.[4]

Members of the Ruling Council debated whether or not the Dominion would ever make more forceful moves against Umoja or its allies. Regardless, they unanimously agreed to continue their subversive activities and were prepared to take any action necessary to preserve the freedom of Umoja and other Protectorate worlds.[1]

When Emperor Valerian Mengsk took the throne of the Terran Dominion in 2505, he attempted to make good faith overtures to the Umojan Ruling Council, hoping to negotiate a mutual security pact. However, tensions between the two nations continued in the wake of the End War.[5] By 2511, the Ruling Council considered the Dominion to be a greater threat than the zerg, though Valerian made overtures to try to remedy the mistrust.[6]

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