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The unit rank is a cosmetic rating. It is found in the information panel when selecting a unit.


In StarCraft, terran units have ranks. Heroes have higher ranks than their base unit. Certain units like civilians do not have ranks, and a few heroes like Jim Raynor can have non-standard ranks (Raynor is labelled "marshal", for instance, a law enforcement rank rather than a military rank).

Rank Unit
Private SCV, marine
Corporal Firebat
Specialist Ghost
Sergeant Vulture
Master Sergeant Siege tank
First Sergeant Goliath
Warrant Officer Dropship
Lieutenant Medic
Captain Wraith
Lt. Commander Valkyrie
Major Science vessel
Commodore Battlecruiser
Terran heroes
Rank Unit
Marshal James Raynor (marine and vulture)
First Sergeant Gui Montag
Sergeant Major Alan Schezar
Lieutenant Samir Duran, Sarah Kerrigan
Colonel Tom Kazansky
Captain James Raynor (Hyperion)
Commodore Magellan
General Edmund Duke
Admiral Alexei Stukov

StarCraft II

In StarCraft II, units that may attack may gain rank by making kills. Some hero units have static unique ranks; for instance, Tychus Findlay's rank is "scoundrel".

Kills Rank
0-4 Recruit
5-9 Corporal
10-14 Sergeant
15-19 Captain
20+ Commander
Kills Rank
0-4 Disciple
5-9 Mentor
10-14 Instructor
15-19 Master
20+ Executor
Kills Rank
0-4 Predator
5-9 Slayer
10-14 Ravager
15-19 Assassin
20+ Metamorph


If a player edits the name of either the Hyperion or Norad II, it shows the rank of admiral, due to Gerard DuGalle and Arcturus Mengsk taking role of these battlecruisers.