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The United States

The United States was a federal constitutional republic, situated in North America.

In the 20th century, the US engaged in a program of space exploration, engaging in a space race with the Soviet Union as part of the wider Cold War. These programs provided the basis for the space program embarked upon by the United Powers League in the 23rd century. With the Cold War coming to an end in the late 20th century and communism being eradicated from Asia in the 21st century, the US was left as one of the few remaining super-powers. Super-powers that found their positions challenged by the "third world" and a period of social upheaval and economic crisis in the 22nd century. Stability was achieved with the inauguration of the United Powers League,[1] with the US becoming a member state.[2]

Despite faulty and limited data from Earth, some knowledge of the US is retained by the terrans of the Koprulu Sector, referred to as "one of the major countries" (of Earth).[3] Some of it is inaccurate, such as taking the film King Kong a bit too literally, resulting in the belief of the existence of the "great apes."[4] In contrast, knowledge has been retained of the country's use of slavery in the 19th century and the "underground railroad" that led into Canada.[3] Certain elements of US culture have also endured, such as the Super Bowl and a city named Chicago also being located in the Koprulu Sector. Terran Dominion propaganda labels the US as an empire built on innovation, particularly its system of government.[5] Many music tracks have been retained from its history.[6]


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