Unused units are left over or incomplete concepts that were not used in the final game releases. They may be available in the map editors, and used in user created maps.



The following critters were removed/altered:


  • Raszagal's model and voice are that of a Corsair; however, she has a dark templar wireframe. The unit has weaker stats than a normal Corsair. Like Tassadar and Aldaris, the normal Corsair and Raszagal use the same weapon.[1]

The following independent heroes were removed from the game altogether:


  • Three units use the protoss Scout as an in-game model:
    • The cargo ship has a wireframe confirmed by Blizzard to be the original battlecruiser. The wireframe is similar to the covert ops.
    • The gunship has a wireframe that resembles a Valkyrie. It also has an additional "mercenary gunship" model.
    • The independent starport also looks like a Scout. It has an "unknown attack" that does 7 damage in its profile, but it doesn't actually attack.
  • The Hatch is an unused doodad.
  • Various "special" units which are used in normal games, but cannot be placed in StarEdit:
    • Zerg Larvas, eggs, lurker eggs, and cocoons.
    • Disruption webs and dark swarms (which must belong to Player 12 to work properly and never disappear) can be placed as units.
    • scanner sweeps, the unit produced by the ComSat station's scanning ability, can also be placed as units.

These units were found through third-party editors such as SCMDraft and Starforge, and can only be placed by them.

Crashing UnitsEdit

A jumpgate and an independent command center also exist, but these cause StarCraft to crash.

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