Kerrigan: "Explain something to me, Zeratul. Why would your people leave such a sacred crystal in the hands of these Terrans?"
Zeratul: "We didn't. Long ago, this world was a Protoss colony called Khyrador. When the strife between our tribes escalated, this planet and the Uraj Crystal were abandoned. These Terrans have come here only recently."src

Uraj is a khaydarin crystal shard. It is a violet color and over time has become infused with the energies of the Khala. Its Dark Templar counterpart is the Khalis crystal.


Uraj SC1 CineFuryXelNaga1

Artanis and Uraj.

Creation and Loss

The xel'naga cut the Khalis and Uraj crystals from a monolithic khaydarin crystal and gave them to the protoss. Uraj was entrusted to the Akilae Tribe and venerated as a sacred relic. Unlike Khalis, Uraj took on the energies later associated with the Khala. The Akilae hid the crystal during the Aeon of Strife. Once the Strife ended the Templar Caste became the crystal's guardians and used it for meditation. When the Khalai became an active spacefaring civilization again after the Strife, Uraj was triumphantly carried to one of the first new colony worlds, Khyrador, and installed in a place of honor. Later a mysterious outbreak of psionic storms on Aiur and the colonies induced the protoss to leave Khyrador. In the hasty abandonment, Uraj and other treasured items were left behind.[1]

Recovery from Braxis

Uraj SC1 Game1

The Uraj

Uraj remained lost to the protoss until after the Great War when the Khalai evacuated Aiur. The zerg followed the refugees to Shakuras and to purge the infestation the protoss needed to activate the planet's xel'naga temple. To do this required the Khalis and Uraj crystals, both of which were lost to the protoss at the time. A force led by Artanis and Zeratul, and unexpectedly assisted by Infested Kerrigan, was dispatched to recover the artifacts.[2]

The protoss returned to Khyrador, which was now the terran world of Braxis. Infested Kerrigan led the strike on the ground through Terran Dominion forces and successfully recovered Uraj from a Dominion base.[2] Escape from the planet was complicated by the unexpected arrival of the United Earth Directorate Expeditionary Fleet. The UED blockade was broken by Artanis and the protoss escaped with their prize.[3]

Return to Shakuras

The protoss returned to Shakuras with the crystals. Artanis carried Uraj into the xel'naga temple and inserted the crystal into the structure's mechanisms. The temple's activation created a giant energy burst that scoured the zerg from the planet.[4]


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