Uriah Cyris was the commander of a Kel-Morian scavenging team. Quick to anger, he was disliked by his subordinates.


Spending twenty years of his life "looking for the big score," Cyris came to reside on the salvage vessel Generous Profit alongside Luke Keegan, Macy Clift and Chuck Tyrosine. They embarked on numerous salvage missions, but a string of bad luck saw their profits take a dive. In time, they came to an abandoned Fringe World, entering an equally abandoned complex to see if there was anything of value. Assigning Luke to get the generator online, Cyris led the rest of the team to the operations center. Hacking into the systems, Clift found a treasure trove of information that would be worth enough to send them into retirement. Cyris ordered her to extract it.

Things took a turn for the worse however. A blast door sealed the operations center and Keegan's screams could be heard outside, begging for them to open it. By the time it was, he was gone. A hostile entity seemed to be present and it would take two hours for the data to be downloaded. Cyris ordered Tyrosine to patrol the complex while he remained on guard duty. All the while, audio logs continued to play from the files Clift was extracting, depicting how the colonists had been picked off one by one by an invisible attacker, their morale sagging. By the time Tyrosine returned, he was of the same mindset. And while somewhat more rational, Clift was of a similar mindset.

Cyris refused any such notion, the worth of the data dictating his actions. He ordered them to pull themselves together while he searched for Luke, assuring them that there was no such things as ghosts. Killed in the doorway by an invisible attacker as he went to exit however, Cyris wasn't given the chance to rethink that statement.


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