An ursadon, predator of Braxis and Kaldir

The ursadon is a white bear-like creature found on worlds such as Braxis and Kaldir. It appears as a critter in-game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

An ursadon

The ursadon thrives in the snowy frozen wastelands of ice worlds, and possess no natural enemies. These carnivorous animals hunt in the icy water for food. Instances of attacks on humans are rare, but the few recorded instances of an enraged ursadon attack have always ended in tragedy. The Koprulu Wilderness Society recommends keeping a safe distance from ursadons, for the safety of both the observers and the animals.[1] Nonetheless, terran sport hunters would often hunt ursadons.[2]

Two different breeds of ursadons have been observed. The first is more bearlike, with a beak-like mouth, black tusks and a bulky, round frame, similar to a bear. These have been spotted on the planet Braxis as well as other scattered ice worlds.[1] The second known breed existed on Kaldir, and were more ape-like and muscled, with white teeth-like tusks, and used two large front arms to "walk" and attack enemies.[3] This breed could resist the "flash freezes" of Kaldir, and were lead by ursadon matriarchs.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

An ursadon

Ursadons have been found on a dark moon that Dark Prelate Zeratul encountered on one of his journeys. Three were subjected to experiments by Clandestine Mercenaries, causing a broodling to emerge from one of their stomachs upon death.[4]

Braxis was "purified" by the protoss under Artanis during a secret mission, exterminating all life on the surface.[5] However, the ursadon was reintroduced to the planet.[6]

During the Second Great War, a protoss base on Kaldir, a planet where ursadons could be found, was attacked by the zerg. In order to avoid the flash-freeze effects, Sarah Kerrigan ordered her troops to slay an ursadon matriarch and use its DNA to enhance her zerg ability to withstand the extreme cold.[3] The protoss researchers who fled Kaldir kept giant ursadons as test subjects on one of their ark shuttles.[7]

During the Defenders of Man Insurgency, ursadon rights activists in the Terran Dominion began to organize for protests.[8]

Game Unit[edit | edit source]

StarCraft[edit | edit source]

Ursadons are the only critters in StarCraft to leave a corpse.

StarCraft II[edit | edit source]

Ursadons can "leap" down cliffs. They became especially aggressive during flash freezes, and packs of them will spawn and attack protoss and zerg indiscriminately.[3]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Charge SC2 Icon1.jpg

The ursadon charges towards nearby enemies. Can be set to autocast.

Hotkey C
Range 6
Duration 5 seconds
Cooldown 10 seconds

Variants[edit | edit source]

Development[edit | edit source]

Main article: Ursadon/Development

Known Ursadons[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In order to access the free minerals/gas cheat in StarCraft 64, the player must surround an ursadon which asks for a "hug" with his units.[9][10]
  • The ursadon is also a popular critter in tournament maps - one is usually included on them. Tournament commentator Nick Plott has nicknamed the ursadon "pandabear guy" - the name has stuck quite persistently.[11]

References[edit | edit source]

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