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"The barren, frozen wastelands of Braxis are some of the most unforgiving places in the sector. A thick layer of permafrost allows little in the way of plant life to thrive and brutal winter storms constantly rage across the plains. Even in such harsh conditions, however, the Ursadon thrives. This majestic beast is truly the lord of the tundra, having no natural enemies. Often found near ice floes, Ursadons are carnivorous creatures that hunt in the icy water for food. Instances of attacks on humans are thankfully rare, but the few recorded instances of an enraged Ursadon attack have always ended in tragedy. The Koprulu Wilderness Society recommends keeping a safe distance from these noble creatures while on Braxis, both for your own safety and that of the Ursadon."

- Description of Ursadon Flats(src)

Ursadon Flats was a region of tundra on the planet Braxis where groups of ursadons could be found.


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