Ursadon matriarchs are powerful creatures that lead packs of ursadon.

During the Second Great War, Sarah Kerrigan and her resurgent Swarm hunted these creatures for their essence in order to adapt the Swarm to Kaldir's flash freezes.[1]

Game UnitEdit

Three ursadon matriarchs appear in the Heart of the Swarm mission "Harvest of Screams". They must be killed for the zerg to endure the flash freezes. However, only one is needed to truly endure the flash freeze, the others just increase the visibility and the effects of resistance against the freeze.[1]


Charge SC2 Icon1

The ursadon charges towards nearby enemies. Can be set to autocast.

Hotkey C
Range 6
Duration 5Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 10Time SC2 Game1


  • Ursadon matriarchs were previously referred to as yeti matriarchs.[2] In the Galaxy Map Editor, their model is referred to as "Yeti Momma."


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