• Bio A young Canadian currently residing in Ontario, Adam enjoys video games including Starcraft, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon. Television interests include Game of Thrones, sitcoms, Stephen Colbert, and John Oliver.
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My first Starcraft experience was years ago, I was reading a Nintendo Power magazine from my cousin. It covered Starcraft 64. I remember reading the unit tech trees in the coverage over and over, memorizing them and thinking the game sounded cool. Years later I saw a copy of Starcraft for the PC in a used game store for five bucks. In the back of my mind I remembered the title from that old magazine and thinking I thought it looked cool, so I got it. Some of the best cash I've ever spent.

Loved UMS games, especially Temple Siege. Also like Helms Deep (I know, which version right?), Siege of Minas Tirith, Kill Bush/Kill Obama, Protect the President, Stop One Unit, Custom Hero Wars, and the RPG maps. Was never very good at the melee game though, horrible win-loss record. Once tried to make my own version of Helms Deep but never finished balancing it due to lack of consistent testers.

Also made a ton of custom campaigns at Blizzforums, including my pride and joy, the Mar Sara Missions.

Former staff member of Starcraft Legacy and Blizzforums, did a lot of theorycrafting and wrote a lot of articles. I look back on those days fondly, I left under civil circumstances. My interest in SC at the time just died down and I was attracted to other interests. I've drifted back to the community with SC2 on the horizon.

Was involved in SC2 Beta since May '10. Went back and forth between Bronze and Silver leagues. I tried out all three races and settled on Protoss. Favorite strat is/was to go for double Gateway, eventually working up to two or three Robo Bays for Immortals with four-six Warp Gates and a Twilight Council for Charge and Blink. Then I mass Zealots and Stalkers with Immortal and Sentry support, the exact ratio varying depending on the opponent's forces. I also like this build for the versatility, able to quickly pop down a Templar Archives, Dark Shrine or Robotics Bay if I need either type of Templar or Colossus.

Currently play mostly UMS SC2. Played Hero Attack X3 a lot, but got tired of its awful balance and don't touch it anymore. Getting into siege maps, Helms Deep and Heaven Besieged mostly. Also love Thing Arctic, when you can scrounge up enough players. Adore Co-op mode, mostly play Vorazun but sometimes Swann or Karax.

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