First, about the name. I chose it because I was joining the Wookieepedia. I didn't know that joining the Wookieepedia was joining the Wikia network, or I'd have chosen a less franchise-specfic name.

My first Blizzard game was Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. I'm old enough that I bought that when it first came out. I then went on to buy the Dark Portal expansion, Diablo and Starcraft and Diablo II and their expansions when they came out. I enjoyed them all immensely. People complain that Blizzard aren't very original with their stories. That's true, but they tell vivid stories with vivid characters, which I still think is good enough for computer games.

One of the reasons I like Starcraft is that the story operates on two levels. You have the Terran vs Terran level and the Zerg vs Protoss level. The Terrans are all over the place with their motivations and loyalties and their stories are very personal. The Zerg and the Protoss (so far) are more or less internally united: the Zerg were created to wipe out all other life, and the Protoss chose to preserve the diversity of life. Their conflict is at a more abstract level.

Update: Or at least I thought they were united. Heart of the Swarm was about reuniting the Zerg under the Queen of Blades while preparing to finally take down Arcturus Mengsk, with the conflict against Amon's forces as a sideline. Now Legacy of the Void seems to be as much or more about rebuilding the protoss civilisation as it will be about finally taking down Amon itself. I'm going to be interested to see how many missions this game will have, as it is now standalone. Starcraft II has been ambiguous about whether the "Xel'naga return" is just Amon, or whether Zeratul actually contacted them. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the final campaign, and exactly how Amon himself will appear.

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Pages that I find useful or humourous. I don't need to Follow them, but I don't want to forget they exist either.

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