The following is a transcript of a Facebook chat between MarKreationsStudios1 and Glynnis Talken-Campbell. This chat was submitted to Hawki on April 26, 2015. The veracity of this transcript was confirmed via direct Facebook message on May 26, 2015. The transcript will be used for internal reference and posterity.

The transcript has been preserved in its original form, and reads as follows:

Mac: Lol XD of corse not! I am a huge fan of StarCraft and loved the original and brood war. Wings of Liberty was pretty great, but there was one thing missing that really bothered me, and kept on going even into HotS. You, the original Kerrigan voice actor, was not voicing Kerrigan. Why is that?

Glynnis: Good question! They never actually told me. I did record the whole game for Blizzard, but they called in a new VO director who brought in a name talent to replace me. She was younger and sexier, but I'm going to pretend that had nothing to do with it.

Mac: Do you have a battle net account? Do you play both the original and second games?

Glynnis: No, sorry. I tried playing SC a couple of times and got freaked out over listening to my own death cry...over and over and over--ha ha!

Mac: Next quiestion: You also voiced the Medic, right? What was that like? What are the differences between the voices, and which one did you like overall better?

Glynnis: Are you writing an article? If so, I'd be happy to answer all your questions at once if you'd like to email them. It might be easier for you, since I do a lot of multi-tasking and go away from my comp a lot. My email is ().

Mac: okay i am trying to find all the queistions but i will email you can you answer the queistion above? way above, actually the one about medics

Glynnis: The Medic is a completely different character--young, innocent, helpful. She was probably closer to my real personality, so it was an easy voice to do. But the acting required for Kerrigan was an interesting challenge--channeling my inner warrior--so that was fun.

Mac: Cool! I understand that you do not play that many games, but do you want to play StarCraft or StarCraft II with me sometime?

Glynnis: That's very kind of you, but I really don't play. Best wishes! I'll look for your email, and if you do publish, please give me a link to the article.

Mac: okay! Do you know if you can re-record the lines that you did for StarCraft II for me? Oh and did you at least return to voice the Medic in SC II?

Glynnis: Because of my contract with Blizzard, I'm not allowed to re-record Kerrigan. I recorded all the lines for the Medic, but I don't know whether they used them in the final product.

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