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  • Masaito

    Just a few thematic adjust I would do to the Commanders:


    • Medic Heals additional target Mastery (+3.33% - +100%): Providing double the healing for Raynor's army, buffing a little over the in game version.
    • Removing the Firebat attack deal: Allowing the Firebats to attack immediately would make "kitting" with them in your army more smooth and more reliable.


    • Removing Brood Lords, and giving her Guardians and Devourers (like in SC1): The more specialized breeds of air units from SC1, for me, seems more interesting as part of her army (also, nostalgia factor), but keeping hers Guardians and Devourers different from the ones the Abathur has. Maybe Kerrigan's Guardians could be upgraded to have splash damage, and hers Devourers could …
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