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    Normally I wouldn't be using this as a LiveJournal and this will go to like four people, but hey it's a blog for a reason.

    I took a bit of time away (well, as much as I could as much as I immerse myself in StarCraft) to think on the recent Blizzard situation. For those that don't know, Blizzard recently came down hard on a Hearthstone pro for talking about Hong Kong in a broadcast. While the situation is a bit complex, and I do think Blizzard was in their right to punish him, the severity of the punishment, both to him and the casters, was very much to appease China. I don't think many people would argue that.

    To make matters worse, they then released a non-apology, which did scale back the punishment (and thankfully actually paid the guy), …

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    Never written one of these, but can't really talk about it anywhere else. But hey let's get into it.

    For those that heard the news, Gamepedia just got bought by Fandom. Now all Gamepedia wikis will have the option of merge with Fandom ones. Then again this isn't really a problem for us since our "sister" wiki, Starpedia, wholesale rips our content and doesn't even have articles for essential things like "zerg" and still expects Gamepedia to link to their non-articles.

    That does bring me to one thing I'm happy is over: the stupid Gamepedia/Wikia rivarly. Having two wikis with differing information, especially on something like story and lore, was always awful, especially when they conflicted and you wouldn't know who to believe. I firmly beli…

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