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    Before I get started I want to make one thing clear. I think Legacy of the Void works with Artanis as the main character. With that said, I was thinking about how Zeratul was originally supposed to be the main character. I assume the original plan was for Artanis to spend most of the game possessed by Amon. Then a thought occurred to me.

    Imagine this scenario. During the reclamation of Aiur the protoss encounter Tassadar, who's reconstituted. In this version, it's not Ouros. The rest of the game proceeds the same way, except with Tassadar in the place of Artanis. Zeratul severs Tassadar's nerve cords, Tassadar escapes Aiur aboard the Spear of Adun, etc. Do you think this could've worked?

    I'm going to take this a little further. First, again I w…

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