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The Odin at Valhalla

Valhalla is a top-secret Terran Dominion research center hidden on a small moon of the same name orbiting Sigmaris Prime.


Hundreds of vehicles and weapons systems underwent final testing here, including the viking and the Minotaur-class battlecruiser.[1][2]

In 2503,[3] the Umojan Protectorate unmasked the Thor Project, and tracked the movements of the Odin prototype to Valhalla.[2]

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This article or section contains information from the optional Rebellion Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

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The Loki at Valhalla

Main article: Battle of Valhalla

During the Second Great War, Tychus Findlay raided the testing facility with a team of Jim Raynor's marines. The activation of auto-turrets failed to stop them, and the Odin was hijacked. Raynor's Raiders kept the Odin covered and repaired as the Dominion bases in the area were taken out to prevent word of their raid from getting back to Korhal. The last base was destroyed with a nuclear missile from the Odin.[1]


In Scandinavian mythology, Valhalla is the afterlife home of humans killed in battle. Also, Odin and Loki are gods in the same mythology.


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