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"They say once you've had a Valkyrie, you'll never ride another!"

- Captain Tegis Marz(src)

Valkyrie Vixen was a terran dropship flown by Captain Tegis Marz of the Confederate Marine Corps. It featured nose art.


Vixen was on Mar Sara at the start of the Great War. It transported the 417th Confederate Marine Platoon to Bunker Complex 3847 and flew cover for the platoon's mission to Oasis Station. A special receiver was installed on the dropship to help the platoon locate its objective. Vixen was recalled to aid the evacuation of Confederate forces from Mar Sara, leaving the 417th to escape the zerg on foot to Bunker Complex 3847.

The dropship later returned to Bunker Complex 3847 from Mar Sara Starport to pick up the survivors of the 417th. Marz did this against orders after realizing his brother, Marcus Jans, had not yet been evacuated. As Vixen was about to land and make the pick up, three mutalisks attacked and were sucked into the engines. Vixen crashed into the ravine west of the base.


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