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"Something brushed against the side of the tank, something soft and sinuous and unspeakably wrong."

- Jake Ramsey discovers the strange creatures(src)

Six creatures in vats were found in secret caverns beneath Aiur, inhabited by the Tal'darim, a cult of protoss survivors on Aiur. The Tal'darim were not allowed to enter that part of the chambers.

The creatures were conscious, but could only be glimpsed swimming in the dark liquid of open, three-meter vats which gave off chemical smoke. They emanated psionic energy. Archaeologist and fugitive Jake Ramsey thought of them as "soft and sinuous and unspeakably wrong."[1]


Ulrezaj, worshiped by the Tal'darim in the guise of the "Benefactor" called the "Xava'tor", placed half a dozen large liquid-filled vats containing the creatures into a central room, noted for holding a huge extremely pure khaydarin crystal containing a xel'naga AI. He forbade the Tal'darim from entering the chamber on pain of death.[1]

The Raid[]

The secret was uncovered, to some extent, by archaeologist Jake Ramsey and his companions, ex-mercenary Rosemary Dahl, protoss preserver Zamara, survivors and former Tal'darim member Alzadar. They secretly entered the room, intending on acquiring a piece of the crystal.

They noticed the vats, and the creatures' psionic emanations terrified the protoss as well as Ramsey. Refugee warrior Ladranix believed the vats were not created using protoss or xel'naga technology.

One vat was directly underneath the crystal, but Ladranix and Ramsey were able to acquire a piece of crystal without disturbing any of the vats. After that, they rushed from the room.[1]

The Greater Picture[]

Ramsey was reminded of the vat creatures in a later encounter with the Dark Templar Zeratul. The prelate told the archaeologist and Zamara of the protoss/zerg hybrid he found on the dark moon at the end of the Brood War. Zamara suggested they were a type of hybrid.[2]


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