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The Velari Templar School was a center of learning for members of the protoss Templar Caste. Situated in Velari, its teachers taught protoss in the ways of the Khala.

Both Lekila and Rihod trained at the school, the former becoming a head teacher.[1]


The school was home to numerous temples, including an "inner temple" and a "lower temple" hidden within ever-shifting catacombs. The inner temple contained the Kassia crystal, a xel'naga artifact.[1]


During the zerg invasion of Aiur, the school fell under attack by the Zerg Swarm. Head teacher Lekila defended the school with her ten students until they received orders to evacuate Aiur. The students attempted to reach the safety of a city, but Lekila herself was wounded by the zerg, losing her psionic appendages and losing access to the Khala.

After recovering on Shakuras, Lekila brought her former schoolmate Rihod and other templar to the temple in order to retrieve the Kassia crystal. They were successful, but the time spend finding it gave the zerg an advantage. In order to send the crystal back to their people, Lekila and Rihod combined, transforming into a twilight archon. This enabled them to transport the crystal to their ship. They remained behind, destroying the attacking zerg.[1]


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