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"I'm Vern, one of the coolant techs. There was some kinda' massive explosion in the main shaft, then all hell started breakin' loose! Most of the boys are dead, but the ones that're left... Please, you gotta' get me out of here!"

- Vern(src)

Vern was a coolant technician at Borgo Refinery.


Vern was present in 2504 when Koprulu Liberation Front agents detonated Borgo Refinery to prevent Jackson Hauler from mining the terrazine within. When the zerg were drawn to the terrazine, many of his fellow workers ended up infested.

Vern hid in Building 2 of the refinery, and made contact with ghost agent Nova, sent to investigate the explosion. He helped Nova get to Building 3 to access the refinery's security logs, but as he did he was ambushed by a zerg and killed.[1]


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