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TerrazineRefinery SC-G Cine1

Vespene Refinery BF 1138

Vespene Refinery BF 1138 was a Terran Dominion[1] terrazine production facility[2] facility on Mar Sara.[1]


Four years after the Brood War, the zerg were drawn to the refinery by the terrazine. The refinery was attacked and destroyed by the zerg at 3AM, and replaced with a hive. 73 hours later, a Dominion Marine Corps unit of marines, firebats, and goliaths deployed to retake it. The unit was led by Captain Buck, an officer with a reputation for stupidity, and Lieutenant Haggs.[1]

The unit landed in full light some distance from the refinery by dropship. The uncontested landing caused Buck to grossly underestimate zerg strength; he rejected Haggs's recommendation to conduct reconnaissance first, and ordered an immediate overland advance. As light conditions darkened, unexpected reinforcements of two additional squads and a black ops unit aboard three dropships arrived in theatre from higher command. When informed, Bock rejected the need for the black ops units, and was about to wave off the reinforcements when the zerg counter-attacked.[1]

The main mass of the counter-attack was a horde of zerglings, supported by ultralisks, burrowed hydralisks, and mutalisks. The zerg charge caused ground tremors. Bock initially mistook the tremors as unlooked-for, and unwelcome, siege tank support; he ordered the unit to fall back when the cause became clear. Marines in forward positions were quickly overrun. The zerg exploited gaps in the frontage to encircle groups and individuals, and penetrate the full depth of the defense.[1]

With the degenerating melee reaching his own position, Captain Bock demanded the deployment of the previously rejected reinforcements. The three dropships were ambushed by two mutalisks after entering cloud cover. Two dropships, Doomhammer and Lightbringer, were destroyed. The survivor deployed ghost Nova Terra and six marines well short of the intended landing zone due to damage.[1]


In earlier builds of StarCraft: Ghost, the role of Refinery BF 1138 was taken by Borgo Refinery, a Kel-Morian Combine refinery sabotaged by the Koprulu Liberation Front when it discovered terrazine.[3]


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