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Victor "Creeper" Kachinsky, a ripper squad leader, was the brother of Milo Kachinsky.[1]


During the Guild Wars, Victor led a guerrilla squad of rippers in surgical strikes against Confederate forces on Artesia Prime. Victor's reputation for using spider mines to soften up Confederate forces before an ambush earned him the nickname "Creeper." Victor received numerous commendations for his service to the Combine and inspired his younger brother, Milo, to knuckle down in his academic efforts. Milo received a degree in mechanical engineering from the Sakai University and subsequently, the brothers planned to combine their skills in an ambitious new endeavor: the formation of an independent engineering corporation that would design starships with more advanced AI navigation than anything currently being built.

Two months after Milo's graduation, Victor was killed in his sleep by Dominion ghosts in an attempt by Emperor Arcturus Mengsk to "simplify" relations between the Combine and his new government. Some theorize that Mengsk wanted the Kachinsky starship blueprints as well; the studio where Milo and Victor had been designing their prototype was ransacked.[1]


The Combine lacked the military power to carry out any retribution for Victor's death, which spurred Milo to vengeance against Mengsk. Victor's tales of meeting rebel Jim Raynor in a bar on Mar Sara struck a chord in his younger brother and he became part of Raynor's Raiders, wanting to follow a man like the hero his brother was.[1]

By the second phase of the Second Great War, terrans had further developed one of Kachinsky's inventions, a modified spider mine called the widow mine.[2]


The unit pages for the widow mine refers to Victor as a "Confederate rebel." However, Victor was a member of the Kel-Morian Combine, who fought against the Terran Confederacy.[3]


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