"Forget the mats. How in godless protoss heaven are we supposed to build the goddamn thing in the first place? A collapsible bridger that can support tandem siege tanks across a quarter-klick gap, but light enough to get storked in by a dropship with a full weapons complement. Fekk!"

- Czark on one of his assignments(src)

Vigo "Tuna" Czark was an SCV pilot, and member of Raynor's Raiders.


Czark once worked as a crane specialist on Turaxis II, working for its fishing fleets. He was later recruited into Raynor's Raiders, becoming a member of the SceeVee Special Engineering Corps.

During the Second Great War, the unit was assigned a resource extraction operation on Gurdlac. In the briefing, he inquired as to the possibility of marine support, to which Sergeant Bill Bousquette stated was a negative, given that the rebel group was focused on its wider rebellion against the Terran Dominion. Although he was originally skeptical as to the worth of the operation, he came to treat it in good faith, and stated that he'd get Tac Squad A to prep the unit's MULEs.

The operation went fine at first, though Czark had to repair one of said MULEs with Bousquette. However, events went awry when the group came under attack by zerglings. Czark used his SCV to fight them off, crushing one, and using his plasma welder to blast off another that had climbed onto Bousquette's SCV. Bousquette ordered the unit to make a break for it, but Czark was caught behind with some other stragglers, forced to use his welder against the tide of zerglings. In the fighting, Wenders was one of the pilots killed in his SCV. In an act of self-sacrifice, Czark used his own SCV's fusion cutter to detonate the explosives that had been strapped to Wenders's rig, killing himself in the blast, but buying the rest of the unit time to escape.[1]


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