"Seems like this job paints a target on our backs."

- Vince(src)

Vince was a Kel-Morian Combine scavenger who worked on the salvage ship the Magpie.


After a string of dry runs, Vince and his fellow scavengers were gathered together by Captain Nero Theban, who told them they were going to salvage a protoss ship in Terran Dominion space, a risky and illegal operation. Vince brought up the fact that the Dominion and Daelaam had a treaty, and that the job would be of very high risk, but Theban told him the ship would crash into a nearby planet soon, covering up their escape. When Theban offered double share for everyone who came with him, the entire crew volunteered to board the carrier, Vince included.

Vince went along with Orry and her group, and they attempted to open a sealed protoss hatch. However, upon opening it the group was bathed in a bright light, and the group was attacked by a shadowy assailant. Orry tried to report Vince and her group's fate to Theban, but got as far as "they're all-" before being killed by the attacker, slashed through the torso.[1]

After Vince's death, memories of him and the Magpie crew continued to haunt Caleb in his waking thoughts and nightmares.[2]


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