Void Seeker was a star relic and Zeratul's starship.


Early HistoryEdit

Zeratul used Void Seeker, a small ship with a dull black finish, to transport a band of Dark Templar to Char. Upon landing, the Dark Templar disembarked, after which Zeratul hid it with powerful illusions. During battles with the zerg, the ship was reported destroyed, but the zerg had been fooled.[1]

Zeratul used the ship to investigate strange events following his encounter with Samir Duran.[2]

StarRelic SC2 Game1

Void Seeker at Ulaan

Shortly before the Second Great War, Void Seeker was attacked again on Ulaan by zerg. It escaped with Zeratul before it could be destroyed.[3] Zeratul later used it to explore Zhakul[4] and the Overmind's death site on Aiur.[5]

Second Great WarEdit

Voidseeker leviathan SC2-HotS game

Void Seeker approaches Kerrigan's leviathan

Zeratul later used the ship to travel to Zerus with Sarah Kerrigan. He later departed to return to Shakuras.[6][7]

Whispers of OblivionEdit

VoidSeeker SC2-LotV Cine1

Void Seeker traveling to Atrias

Zeratul used the ship as he continued to travel the galaxy examining the prophecy, when he landed it on a Moebius Foundation space platform to aid Praetor Talis in combat against them.[8] The ship accompanied Talis' forces to Atrias, where it was used to extract vespene gas from natural vents over the surface from orbit.[9] Later, Zeratul called it to escape from the Temple of Erris.[10]

Legacy of the VoidEdit

VoidSeekerDestroyed SC2-LotV Game1

Zeratul finds the Void Seeker destroyed

As the Reclamation of Aiur began, Zeratul flew Void Seeker to the Golden Armada in orbit above Aiur to meet with Artanis, and docked it in a concealed location on the surface of Aiur. When he later made plans to depart the world, he went to Void Seeker and found it destroyed by unknown assailants. Zeratul and his allies were forced to abandon the wreck as Amon's attack on the protoss began.[11]

Game UnitEdit

StarCraft: GhostEdit

VoidSeeker Ghost Game1

The model of the Void Seeker in StarCraft: Ghost

StarCraft Ghost Logo2

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Conceptually, the Void Seeker was designed for the early builds of StarCraft: Ghost, and would be the headquarters for Zangakkar and his Sari'jal Tribe. After being betrayed by Jackson Hauler, Nova would be brought to the Void Seeker by Sari'jal and revived in it. From there, Nova would work to undermine Hauler.[12]

StarCraft IIEdit

Void Seeker's landing animation stands the ship on end while floating in midair.[5] The ship is not controllable in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. In Co-op Missions, it can be used to transport Zeratul across the map.

It uses Zeratul's portrait.

Wings of LibertyEdit


Psitrous Oxide: Increases the speed of Void Seeker and causes it to leave shadows. This can be shut on or off without cost. There is no hotkey.

Throw Void Sphere: Fires a mine at a single ground unit, doing tremendous damage. The hotkey is V. The cooldown is 20.

Co-op MissionsEdit


VoidSeeker Coop Game1
Summon Void Seeker

Transports Zeratul to a target location.

Hotkey T
Cooldown 120Time SC2 Game1

Heroes of the StormEdit

Heroes DevLog2

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

A mount called a "void speeder" appears in Heroes of the Storm, available to those who pre-ordered the collector's edition of Legacy of the Void. It was initially labeled as Void Seeker.[13][14]


  • On the wings of Void Seeker are black trigrams made to resemble the flag of South Korea. According to Samwise Didier, this was a nod to StarCraft's popularity in that county, and a way of saying: "Hey, thanks for loving our game."[15]


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