"A Void Pylon. It should be able to summon my Nerazim brothers."

Void Pylons are Nerazim pylons. They fill the same role and function as their Khalai counterparts.

During the reclamation of Aiur, several void pylons were found on the surface of the Aiur. When Dark Prelate Zeratul attempted to find Hierarch Artanis, he discovered three void pylons, which he used to summon stalker reinforcements.[1]

Game UnitEdit

Void pylons are found in the Legacy of the Void campaign mission The Growing Shadow, and function the same as normal pylons, only with increased health and shields. When uncovered, they provide the player with stalker reinforcements. Three void pylons can be found on the map.

Void pylons share a model with the dark pylon used in Co-op Missions.


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