Void rifts are tears in reality that spawn Shadows of the Void. They can be sealed, shutting off the flow of shades.[1]

Game Unit[edit | edit source]

Void rifts appear during the epilogue missions "Into the Void" and "The Essence of Eternity."[1] [2]

In Co-op Missions, Void rifts appear in the Co-op Missions map "Scythe of Amon."[3] They are also present in mutations as part of the "Void Rifts" mutator, which will spawn a number of void rifts across the map at various intervals that will gradually send Shadows of the Void against the players' bases.

These Void rifts are able to continually spawn void shades for Amon. The shade units can adapt the form of a random zerg, terran, or protoss. Unlike the shades found in "Evil Awoken," these shades function as full health units. The player should destroy them at the earliest opportunity to avoid being overrun.

References[edit | edit source]

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