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Voodoo doll attuned to Tychus Findlay

Voodoo is an ancient terran religion originating from Haiti. Knowledge of it still remains in the Koprulu sector in the form of a Hajian branch of voodoo, who worship Maman Therese alongside the loa. Gabriel Tosh's grandmother originally attributed his psionic powers to voodoo. Tosh himself didn't believe it early on.[1][2]

However, voodoo, or its psionic equivalent, is also a power in itself, one that Tosh possesses as a spectre. Through the use of a doll, it can affect an individual from up to at least six light years away.[3]

Those in partake in voodoo believe in spirit beings known as the loa, who inhabit a spirit world. These loa vary in power, and can take a variety of natural forms such as storms.[4] Many psionic feats, such as the protoss ability to transmit memories, are attributed to the spirit world.[5]

By 2503, Tosh considered the religion to be dead and gone.[4]

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This article or section contains information from the optional Covert Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Plot branch : Raynor's Raiders side with Nova against Tosh (B canon)

Tosh attempted to use it on Commander Jim Raynor after he helped Nova Terra destroy his spectre facilities on Avernus Station. However, it affected Tychus Findlay instead, causing him pain and throwing him across the room (especially so after Nova stabbed it in the crotch).[3] After assassinating Tosh, Nova sent this voodoo doll to Raynor and it was hung in the Hyperion's cantina as a trophy.[6]

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