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"I know many of my kind fear for our future. I do, too. This Daelaam has been a struggle. It has tested our resolve. But we are Nerazim. Our ancestors braved the unknown and came to this planet to forge a new identity. We do not need to abandon our allies to preserve that identity. It is strong enough to survive anything, is it not?"

- Vorazun(src)

Vorazun is the Nerazim matriarch.[2] She is a skilled warrior, and dedicated to her people.[3]


Vorazun was the daughter of Raszagal, and was born and raised on Shakuras. Her father was an ordinary member of Nerazim society.[4]

The Brood War

When the zerg followed the Khalai to Shakuras, Vorazun personally took part in the defense of her homeworld. She took the skull of a hydralisk she slew as a trophy of her time in combat, which she would wear on her shoulder.[5]

After Dark Prelate Zeratul killed Raszagal, she personally blamed him for her death, though even she would admit it to be a hatred largely based on emotion as opposed to reason.[6] The death of her mother sent Vorazun into an spiral of grief and sorrow that nearly swallowed her whole, but she was helped through it by Raszagal's trusted comrade, Mohandar.[5]

A New Leader

"Yes, we all believe Artanis would serve well as hierarch. Yet clearly he intends a life dedicated to the Templar only...What about you, Mohandar?"
"My young matriarch...Artanis alone commands the respect of both factions. We can agree on no one else."

- Vorazun and Mohandar discuss Artanis becoming hierarch.(src)

Vorazun and Mohandar discuss Artanis

With the formation of the Hierarchy, Vorazun was brought on as one of the representatives of the Nerazim, though lesser in power to Dark Prelate Mohandar. In them, she frequently disagreed with Artanis.[6][7] As the Hierarchy reached one impasse after another, it was suggested that it needed a leader. Zekrath and Mohandar both nominated Artanis, as he commanded the respect of both the Khalai and Nerazim. Artanis refused, stating that he desired to be only a warrior, and would leave the council in the next cycle. Vorazun commented it was clear that Artanis wished to live a life only in service to the Templar Caste. Mohandar however, insisted that it was only Artanis who could rule both the Khalai and Nerazim. The following day, Vorazun and the Hierarchy members returned. Artanis agreed to take on the mantle of hierarch.[8]

Children of the Void

As the launch of the Golden Armada to reclaim Aiur neared, Vorazun stood in staunch opposition to the Daelaam and the erosion of Nerazim culture. She stood for an ideal that actions and not words should be what keep the Nerazim whole, an ideal she imparted on her pupil Taelus. When the Daelaam wished to mine the Naszar, a mineral rich mountain range important to Nerazim culture, Vorazun managed to convince the Hierarchy to block the proposal.

Over time, she began to see Mohandar as weak and subservient to Artanis and his Aiur protoss. She vocally disagreed with his decisions, and would regularly get into heated arguments over the erosion of Nerazim culture. However, she still respected his council and opinion.

During a training exercise, a squadron of phoenixes collided with a Nerazim transport, killing twenty-seven Nerazim. Artanis did not attend the funeral of the twenty-seven in favor of making more preparations for the Golden Armada. Vorazun was angered by this, and vocally fought with Mohandar over the accident. She decided that she would vocally speak out against the Golden Armada, and support the Nerazim's withdraw from the reclamation of Aiur.

Mohandar and Vorazun

However, she still sought peace among the two people. When her student Taelus captured the Citadel with a handful of insurgents, Vorazun personally sought to find a diplomatic solution that would prevent bloodshed. She and Mohandar entered the Citadel, but Taelus was set on fighting the Aiur protoss to provoke violence between the two people, which would lead to the Aiur protoss being expelled from Shakuras. Not willing to see this come to pass, Vorazun and Mohandar fought the insurgents. Initially the two employed non-lethal tactics, but Taelus impaled Mohandar through the chest, killing him. Vorazun engaged him in single combat, and eventually killed her former student with a slash to the torso.

Vorazun carried Mohandar's corpse out of the Citadel, and told the crowd that it was the Nerazim that slew him, and that they should not fear the new Daelaam future. She saw that Taelus was buried alongside Mohandar, as a sign of respect. Artanis attended this funeral, and said he would personally carry the rite of passing for Mohandar. Vorazun said she would commit Nerazim forces to the Golden Armada, but that she and a cadre of forces would have to stay behind on Shakuras. Artanis stated he would support Vorazun's ascension to Matriarch.

With the death of Mohandar and the support of Artanis, Vorazun ascended to the role of Matriarch, and claimed a seat on the Hierarchy.[5]

Legacy of the Void

"The young Matriarch Vorazun serves as the leader of the nomadic dark templar. She is a strong and capable warrior, who leads through her people through example, and works tirelessly to ensure her people maintain their unique heritage and traditions in this time of uncertainty."

- Character description.(src)

Some of Vorazun's Nerazim were committed to the battle on Aiur. When Amon corrupted the Khala, her forces were the only ones not influenced, and helped rally those who had managed to sever their nerve chords in time to Artanis's side.[9]

Vorazun was on Shakuras when it came under assault by zerg under the control of Amon through use of reactivated xel'naga warp gate. She contacted Artanis (who had led a recently failed attempt to reclaim Aiur), requesting aid.[10] Obliging, Artanis cleared out launch bays of the zerg so that her ships could escape.[11] Afterwards, she joined him in his war against Amon, and to reunite the protoss tribes.

Vorazun overlooking Shakuras, now ravaged by Amon's forces

Vorazun after seeing extent of the infestation upon Shakuras, settled upon destroying the planet rather than letting Amon use it as a base of operations.[10] Thus she and Artanis devised a plan to overload the phase prism of the xel'naga temple on the planet sending a shockwave through the planet's crust. Artanis stated that he would draw out as many of Amon's zerg from the warp gates as possible. The operation was successful, and the planet was destroyed thanks to Artanis personally defending the phase prism.[12] She later commented that his act of holding off many opponents alone meant he had undergone the Shadow Walk, and was all but officially considered dark templar.[6][13]

Vorazun battles First Ascendant Alarak

When the Spear of Adun discovered Ulnar, Artanis ventured inside the monolith in the hopes of waking the xel'naga to fight Amon. He gave Vorazun command of the ship, and said he had to go into the temple alone. After Amon trapped Artanis, First Ascendant Alarak teleported aboard the bridge of the Spear of Adun. Believing it to be an ambush, Vorazun put up resistance. After a brief fight, Alarak disarmed her, and insisted he had come to help, but she contained him in a stasis field. Alarak stated that Artanis had walked into a trap set by Amon and he had come to thwart it. Vorazun refused to trust him, believing that he would stab her in the back. Alarak then broke free of his confinement and reminded that her leader's life was on the line.[14] Ultimately, Vorazun chose to trust Alarak, and together they rescued Artanis and closed the portal to the Void.[15]

After the rescue of Artanis, Vorazun tasked her best dark templar to track the location of the primary Moebius Corps base. They located it in the Revanscar asteroid field, and Phase-smith Karax led the assault to destroy it while the Spear of Adun was attacked by boarding parties. The operation was successful, and the facility was destroyed.[16]

Vorazun served as an advisor to Artanis in these times, and used her dark templar for advanced reconnaissance. She reported on the doings of the corrupted Golden Armada and their battle against the Terran Dominion.[6]

Return to Aiur

"The blades of Shakuras descend upon the Dark God!"

- Vorazun(src)

The return to Aiur

When the Daelaam returned to Aiur with the intention of casting Amon to the Void. Vorazun served alongside Alarak in destroying the khaydarin crystal at Antioch, and she used her abilities to bypass zerg defenses to open the sealed gates in the old ruined Citadel of the Executor. She defended Alarak as he blasted open the final gate to destroy the crystal. The operation was successful, and the crystal was destroyed.

When Artanis moved to destroy the last crystal, she committed a squadron of dark templar to move ahead of Artanis and destroy the zerg fortifications ahead. After Artanis reached the hive they were engaging, they joined him in pushing for the final crystal.[17]

During the attack on Amon's host body, Vorazun landed a beachhead at one of the warp in zones, allowing her to commit forces against Amon's minions.[18]

In the final battle to defend the Keystone and expel Amon from the Khala, Vorazun and her Nerazim personally defended the western route. After a brutal battle, the combined might of the Daelaam held against Amon even as he sent the Golden Armada against them. Amon was expelled from the Khala.[19]

Post War

"For too long, the Khalai viewed the Nerazim as monsters. We were shunned. Hunted by our own people. Called heretics. Only after ages of bloodshed did we manage to look past our differences and find the common thread that binds us. It took great practice of empathy and hard work, but we made the choice to raise each other up. It is for the betterment of all, I believe."

- Vorazun(src)

On Aiur, the Nerazim attempted to rebuild protoss civilization with the Daelaam, but cultural divides led to struggles. An artistic movement toward the Golden Age of Expansion of the Protoss Empire led to tension with Nerazim, as many Nerazim designs were being changed to match this new cultural movement. Vorazun declined to comment on this artistic movement.[20]

At some point, Vorazun took command of a void ray, its crew consisting of Khalai, Nerazim, Purifiers, and Tal'darim renegades, all of both genders. The mixed crew complement was intentional, and as unstuble as the political point was, Vorazun had no cause to regret her decision.[21]

Nature of the Beast

"I only hope that when the time comes, perhaps your spirit will see what your eyes cannot. And avoid the pitfalls that nearly destroyed us protoss."

- Matriarch Vorazun to Nova Terra(src)

Vorazun's void ray arrives on Tartarus

The Daelaam received a broadcast from the secret Terran Dominion world of Tartarus, and Vorazun brought a void ray with an assembled crew of Khalai, Nerazim, Purifiers and Tal'darim defectors to investigate. There they discovered former Dominion ghost Nova Terra, her associate Reigel and the infested human child Jun-Ho Yoo surrounded by zerg. Vorazun cleared the area around them, then arrived to rescue them. Upon discussing the matter with Nova, she discovered the facility released a number of spectres who were obsessively loyal to the late Arcturus Mengsk, who had stolen their Covert Ops warship the Griffin. Realizing this problem could spill out beyond a terran matter, and seeing something of the Nerazim in the spectres, Vorazun agreed to help in spite of the potential diplomatic incident a void ray in Dominion space could cause.

For nine days Vorazun scoured the sector for the spectres, only finding where they struck rather than where they were. Reigel and Nova remained antagonistic toward one another due to Reigel defying Nova's orders and releasing the spectres, while Jun-Ho, with his infestation progressed to extreme levels, was sealed in the ship's medical bay. The treatment his mother had given him was ineffective, and even protoss technology could only slow, not stop (let alone reverse) the process. Vorazun argued that Jun-Ho should be killed as there was no hope of curing him, but Nova and Reigel disagreed, insisting they should try everything to save him. Vorazun also attempted to have Nova and Reigel discuss their anger toward one another, but was unsuccessful.

Vorazun and Nova combine their powers to find Vermillion

After a while Vorazun was able to narrow down the spectres' location to one of twelve worlds, but knew they would be on the move and likely not stay in one place for long. On the other hand, the spectres' attacks were growing more violent. Nova then proposed an idea, with the combined psionics of the two of them augmented by khaydarin crystals, they could reach out to Donny Vermillion, the reporter who the spectres had captured. The two were able to influence him by implanting the idea he should do a broadcast on the spectres and their actions. As their minds linked, Vorazun looked into Nova's mind, and was disturbed by what she saw—terror, and pain. Nevertheless, the plan worked, and Vermillion's broadcast led Vorazun straight to them.

As Nova and a cadre of dark templar prepared to deploy to the surface, Vorazun attempted to talk Nova out of killing the spectres. She revealed that she'd seen inside Nova's mind when they'd influenced Vermillion. That she'd seen the same rage that once consumed her fellow protoss. The same prejudice that had caused the Khalai to condemn the Nerazim. Nova refused to let go of her belief that the spectres needed to be eliminated. Sorrowfully, Vorazun told Nova that she hoped that when the time came, her spirit could see what her eyes could not, and avoid the pitfalls that had nearly destroyed the protoss.

As they left, Reigel discovered that Jun-Ho had broken out of the medical bay, and likely was aboard the warp prism. Vorazun stated she would stay but allowed Reigel to go to the surface and warn the colony while Vorazun kept the void ray in orbit. However, Jun-Ho was soon killed by the spectres trying to save Vermillion. Nova would eventually engage the spectres, and mid-fight, used the void ray as leverage to talk them down, convincing them that their mission to a dead emperor was not worth their lives. They reluctantly agreed, and surrendered.

Vorazun stated she would help the spectres undo a lot of the terrazine damage and conditioning forced on them, and offered to have Nova and Reigel join them to help heal their emotional wounds. Nova agreed, but Reigel stated that he needed to find his own way to figuring out his emotional state. The two parted ways, Nova and the spectres going with Vorazun to a remote temple on Aiur, where they trained in finding their emotional balance. Vorazun knew there were greater tasks that needed her attention, but in her mind, none were more important. Walking through the temple gardens, Vorazun could sense the terrans' growing inner harmony.

Vorazun encourages Nova to return to the Griffin

Eventually, the Griffin came to Aiur. Vorazun gave it permission to land. It landed, and Vorazun informed Nova. Nova asked Vorazun if it was really possible to leave the past behind. Vorazun told her that it wasn't, but hoped that it was possible to build on the lessons of the past to make a brighter future. With satisfaction, she watched as Nova joined Reigel, who had also found peace.[21]

Game Unit

Vorazun is available as a purchasable announcer, and was added with the Vorazun: Nerazim Bundle on

Legacy of the Void

Vorazun is controllable as a hero in "Templar's Return" and as an NPC-controlled hero in "Salvation." In the former, she is controlled alongside Alarak during her part of the mission.


ShadowDash SC2 Icon1.jpg
Shadow Dash

Teleports user to target location and resets cooldown of Shadow Fury.

Hotkey Q
Cooldown 10 seconds
VeilOfShadows SC2 Icon1.jpg
Veil of Shadows

User is permanently cloaked and has increased shield regeneration when undetected.

ShadowFury SC2-LotV Icon1.jpg
Shadow Fury

User rapidly teleports around the battlefield, striking up to eight enemies and dealing 60 damage to them, then returns to its initial position. Can strike the same enemy multiple times. The user is immune to damage during this ability. Can be set to autocast.

Hotkey E
Range 5
Cooldown 15 seconds


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Data in the map editor for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void suggests Mohandar was to appear in the game as a hero unit in place of Vorazun, as several assets for Vorazun bear his name. Given his death in the Children of the Void short story, this would also imply he was initially going to survive and appear in the campaign.

Vorazun has several partially completed additional abilities in the map editor. Deep Shadow Blink acts like Blink, but renders Vorazun undetectable for five seconds. Shadow Clone creates a hallucination of Vorazun that does 50% normal damage and takes double damage from enemies. Sticky Bomb hurls an explosive device at a target point which explodes some seconds later, dealing damage and slowing enemies for a period of time.[22]

Co-op Missions

Personality and Traits

"I am Nerazim. Dark Templar. I hold great pride in my people."

- Vorazun(src)


A strong and charismatic individual,[4] Vorazun is deeply committed and prideful to the ways of the Nerazim. As such she valued her people's individuality and culture. While she originally feared the change the Daelaam was bringing to her people, as she believed the Nerazim ways eroding, she nonetheless remained committed to its ideals in a unified protoss as she knew it would what her mother would want.[5] In the years following the End War, Vorazun came to fully believe in the benefits of a unified protoss, and the mending of the rift between the Khalai and Nerazim. While she believed that the evils of the Discord and subsequent persecution of the Nerazim should never be forgotten, finding the common thread that bound the kindreds would better all of the protoss.[21]

While Vorazun looks much like her mother, having slim and chiseled features, she lacks the tranquility of Raszagal, instead having an outspoken and fiery personality.[5] Vorazun has a shorter temper and smaller well of patience than many of her fellow protoss, though this still makes her more patient than any terran. Nova noted when interacting with Vorazun, she ended up feeling like "a petulant child in front of a disappointed but endlessly patient mother."[21]

Vorazun had a complicated relationship with Artanis, as they had many an argument in the Twilight Council on how the Daelaam was being led, even before her ascension to Matriarch. However, in truth, Vorazun actually admired Artanis' unwavering belief in the unified protoss.[5] Artanis originally believed she was against his vision on unification. In reality, she wasn't against it but as her people unified, she saw her people's ways erode, she only wished to preserve them. She also was the one who believed Artanis was the perfect choice for the role of Hierarch of the Daelaam. By the End War, Vorazun gained a greater deal of respect for Artanis, as after the destruction of Shakuras and witnessing him survive against countless foes alone, she claimed Artanis had partaken and completed the Shadow Walk, becoming Dark Templar. She also comforted Artanis when he revealed he killed Zeratul while under Amon's control. By that time, Vorazun became something close to a second-in-command to Artanis. Vorazun also came to believe that the future of the protoss was indeed with the Daelaam.[6]

During the End War, Vorazun displayed a firm dislike for the Tal'darim in general but for Alarak in particular. The Nerazim Matriarch found the ways of the Tal'darim, mostly their Chain of Ascension, despicable. Despite this, Vorazun complied with Artanis's plan to ally with the Tal'darim for the sake of defeating Amon but remained worried about the influence the Tal'darim would have on the Khalai and Nerazim.[6]

Vorazun had a particular grudge against Zeratul for his role in the death of her mother, calling him a traitor to the Nerazim.[6][23] It wasn't until following Zeratul's prophecy's that lead to Ulnar, she admitted that he was closer to the truth than anyone[6][24] and after finally realizing that Zeratul's dedication to the xel'naga prophecy's gave the protoss hope, she vowed to honor him with Artanis.[6][25]

Vorazun is sympathetic towards terrans, though elements of their nature puzzle her. Not just their vocal speech, but how they are reluctant to "let go," in regards to those around them, even when focus on the individual clouds their perception of the larger picture. She suspects that this trait was beneficial to them in the past, but now, it is holding them back.[21]



  • The design for Vorazun was a mix of traditional Persian garb, mixed with Dark Templar aesthetics.[28]
  • Vorazun's character was largely developed by Valerie Watrous. It was intended that her strength and commitment to the Nerazim shine through within the game, established through her dynamic with Artanis.[4]


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