Vyctor 5 is a desert planet within the Koprulu System. The planet became part of the Terran Confederacy after the Guild Wars. One of its settlements is Lockston; it has a reputation for being heavily guarded.[1]

Featuring a mostly flat surface and a breathable atmosphere, it is particularly renowned for a stable weather formation called the Fujita Pinnacle; a mass of conflicting pressure systems and updrafts four leagues wide and over twenty leagues high.[1]

The Pinnacle hid a secret science facility known as the Fujita Facility; the Confederates took control of the facility after gaining control of the world, and used it to experiment with xenomorphs.[1]

In 2491[2] the Sons of Korhal raided the facility in their first mission following the destruction of Korhal, rescuing Sarah Kerrigan and recovering dead xenomorphs.[1]

StarCraft: GhostEdit

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Vyctor 5 featured in StarCraft: Ghost.[3]



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