Wa'Rak was a Furinax researcher at the Protoss Advance/Experimental Facility.

As part of PAX's research, a sample of creep was brought to the facility by the zealots Akam, Golarath and Ruom, who were also assigned to guard the facility in the event of an accident. As it was, an accident did occur, Golarath and Ruom went to extract a tissue sample. As it grew, Golarath began disfiguring himself, eventually falling to his own psi-blades, while Ruom fell into catatonia, his mind unreadable. As such, he was promptly put in an isolation unit.

At this point, the scientists began to feel their link with the Khala become "foggy," Harrum declaring that the deceased scientist Nubas was causing grief for them from a higher plain of existence. Wa'Rak found himself agreeing, seeking solace in PAX's vivarium, finding that Gruu had done the same. Wa'Rak told him that Nubas had returned to judge them, that they had to "prepare." For Wa'Rak, such preparations involved self mutilation, cutting off his psionic nerve appendages before committing suicide with a knife.[2]


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