WarChest SC2 Art2

A war chest

War Chests are a seasonal feature[1] in StarCraft II. 25% of proceeds will go toward the prize pool of WCS, and after $200,000 any further funds will go to operating costs on the tournament.


For each War Chest, players will do a one-time[2] nominal[1] payment, and receive a "treasure map" that they will level up by playing the game's multiplayer and/or Co-op Missions. Every time they level up the war chest, they will receive prizes. The prizes will not be random, and will be predetermined. Loot from these chests include skins, emoticons, decals, and issues of the in-client comic series StarCraft II: Shadow Wars. Automatic rewards are given upon purchase of the War Chest, and at the end of a season, players will receive rewards just for participating. The War Chest loot works on a tiered system. Each tier unlocks more rewards than the preceding tier. There will be three tiers.

There will be one war chest per race, each having its own set of rewards. Unlocking one then purchasing another race's War Chest will give the player they made with that race. Exp gain for the war chests will be doubled int the last month to help players catch up.[3]

WarChest SC2 Art1

A war chest (early artwork)

The seasons themselves are not tied to ladder seasons, but rather to WCS events. Alerts will be generated on the web and in the game's client to let them know when a war chest season has begun. All rewards for the War Chest will be purchasable after the event ends, but the War Chest will provide a large discount.

A portion of the proceeds from war chests will go toward StarCraft e-sports events and tournaments.[2]

War chests currently receive the most attention from a development perspective, alongside Co-op Missions.[4]

War Chest SeasonsEdit

Season 1: BlizzCon 2017Edit

"Will you join the Dominion Special Forces, ally with the Forged, unleash the Leviathan Brood, or unlock all three with the War Chest Complete Bundle? Support StarCraft II esports and gain early access to new army-wide skins, plus enjoy an all-new comic series!"

- War Chest blurb(src)

The first War Chest released July 19th, 2017.[3] As of October 5, the War Chest was no longer be available to purchase. From this point to November 4 (when the chest closes), experience gains will be doubled. War Chest features will be available for individual sale from January 2018, though the emoticons, decals, sprays, and portraits will remain exclusive for those who purchased the War Chest.[5]

The following features are available from the War Chest:[3]

Tier Reward
Initially Unlocked SpecialSCV SC2SkinImage Special Forces SCV

BlackWhiteMarine SC2 Portrait1 Marine Ink Portrait

Tier 1 SpecialMarine SC2SkinImage Special Forces Marine
Tier 2 SpecialMarauder SC2SkinImage Special Forces Marauder
Tier 3 SpecialGhost SC2SkinImage Special Forces Ghost
Tier 4 SpecialReaper SC2SkinImage Special Forces Reaper

FeelsGoodMarine SC2LotvEmoticon Feels Good Marine Emoticon

Tier 5 SpecialMedivac SC2SkinImage Special Forces Medivac

FistBump SC2LotvEmoticon Fist Bump Emoticon

Tier 6 SpecialHellion SC2SkinImage Special Forces Hellion
Tier 7 SpecialCyclone SC2SkinImage Special Forces Cyclone
Tier 8 SpecialWidowMine SC2SkinImage Special Forces Widow Mine
Tier 9 SpecialSiegeTank SC2SkinImage Special Forces Siege Tank

TerranTurtle SC2LotvEmoticon Terran Turtle Emoticon

Tier 10 SpecialThor SC2SkinImage Special Forces Thor

Baited SC2LotvEmoticon Baited Emoticon
Applause SC2LotvEmoticon Applause Emoticon
Ghost SC2 Logo1 Ghost Spray
Rattlesnake SC2 Logo1 Rattlesnake Spray

Tier 11 SpecialBanshee SC2SkinImage Special Forces Banshee
Tier 12 SpecialVikingSC2SkinImage Special Forces Viking
Tier 13 SpecialLiberator SC2SkinImage Special Forces Liberator
Tier 14 SpecialRaven SC2SkinImage Special Forces Raven

BlackOps SC2 Logo1 Black Ops Spray

Tier 15 SpecialBattlcruiser SC2SkinImage Special Forces Battlecruiser

Questionmark SC2LotvEmoticon. ??? Emoticon
QQ SC2LotvEmoticon QQ Emoticon
Peace SC2LotvEmoticon Peace Emoticon
ColorMarine SC2 Portrait1 Marine Color Portrait
Ghost SC2 Decal1 Ghost Decal

Tier Reward
Initially Unlocked LeviathanDrone SC2SkinImage Leviathan Drone

BlackWhiteScourge SC2Portrait Scourge Ink Portrait

Tier 1 LeviathanZergling SC2SkinImage Leviathan Zergling
Tier 2 LeviathanHydralisk SC2SkinImage Leviathan Hydralisk
Tier 3 LeviathanRoach SC2SkinImage Leviathan Roach
Tier 4 LeviathanBaneling SC2SkinImage Leviathan Baneling

RIP SC2LotvEmoticon RIP Emoticon

Tier 5 LeviathanQueen SC2SkinImage Leviathan Queen

StinkyTofu SC2LotvEmoticon Stinky, Stinky Tofu Emoticon

Tier 6 LeviathanRavager SC2SkinImage Leviathan Ravager]
Tier 7 LeviathanSwarmHost SC2SkinImage Leviathan Swarm Host
Tier 8 LeviathanInfestor SC2SkinImage Leviathan Infestor
Tier 9 LeviathanLurker SC2SkinImage Leviathan Lurker

Kappa SC2LotvEmoticon Kappa Emoticon

Tier 10 LeviathanUltralisk SC2SkinImage Leviathan Ultralisk

TeaTime SC2LotvEmoticon Tea Time Emoticon
FingersCrossed SC2LotvEmoticon Fingers Crossed Emoticon
Claws SC2 Logo1 Claws Spray
OverlordSpray SC2 Game1 Overlord Spray

Tier 11 LeviathanOverlord SC2SkinImage Leviathan Overlord
Tier 12 LeviathanMutalisk SC2SkinImage Leviathan Mutalisk
Tier 13 LeviathanCorruptor SC2SkinImage Leviathan Corruptor
Tier 14 LeviathanViper SC2SkinImage Leviathan Viper

AbathurSpray SC2 Game1 Abathur Spray

Tier 15 LeviathanBroodLord SC2SkinImage Leviathan Brood Lord

LeviathanOverseer SC2SkinImage Leviathan Overseer
ColorScourge SC2Portrait Scourge Color Portrait
Claws SC2Decal Claws Decal

Tier Reward
Initially Unlocked ForgedProbe SC2SkinImage Forged Probe

BlackWhiteAlarak SC2Portrait Alarak Ink Portrait

Tier 1 ForgedZealot SC2SkinImage Forged Zealot
Tier 2 ForgedAdept SC2SkinImage Forged Adept
Tier 3 ForgedStalker SC2SkinImage Forged Stalker
Tier 4 ForgedDarkTemplar SC2SkinImage Forged Dark Templar

Gift SC2LotvEmoticon Gift Emoticon

Tier 5 ForgedHighTemplar SC2SkinImage Forged High Templar

Cheese SC2LotvEmoticon Cheese Emoticon

Tier 6 ForgedSentry SC2SkinImage Forged Sentry
Tier 7 ForgedImmortal SC2SkinImage Forged Immortal
Tier 8 ForgedOracle SC2SkinImage Forged Oracle
Tier 9 ForgedDisruptor SC2SkinImage Forged Disruptor

Survivor SC2LotvEmoticon Survivor Emoticon

Tier 10 ForgedColossus SC2SkinImage Forged Colossus

ForgedObserver SC2SkinImage Forged Observer
NexusSpray SC2 Game1 Nexus Spray

Tier 11 ForgedPhoenix SC2SkinImage Forged Phoenix
Tier 12 ForgedVoidRay SC2SkinImage Forged Void Ray
Tier 13 ForgedWarpPrism SC2SkinImage Forged Warp Prism
Tier 14 ForgedMothership SC2SkinImage Forged Mothership

CorruptedProtossSpray SC2 Game1 Corrupted Protoss Spray

Tier 15 ForgedCarrier SC2SkinImage Forged Carrier

ForgedTempest SC2SkinImage Forged Tempest
ColorAlarak SC2Portrait Alarak Color Portrait
CorruptedProtss SC2Decal Corrupted Protoss Spray

Other Rewards

The following rewards are given upon the first purchase of any War Chest:

Season 2: Katowice 2018Edit

"Recruit Mira's Marauders, harness the might of the Purifiers, tame the Primal zerg, or unlock all three with the War Chest: Katowice 2018 Complete Bundle. Support StarCraft II esports and gain early access to new army-wide skins, plus enjoy all-new comic issues in an ongoing series!"

- War Chest blurb(src)

A second War Chest was released on December 9th. A portion of the funds go towards the Intel Extreme Masters 2018 Katowice tournament. This war chest introduced customizable consoles, as well as exp boosts for Co-op Missions. $150,000 of the proceeds will go to the tournament's prize pool. Phase 2 will unlock January 5th, and Phase 3 will unlock February 2nd. Purchases will end March 2nd, after which players will get double exp until the War Chest closes March 30th. Issues 4-6 of StarCraft II: Shadow Wars will be released, one issue with each phase.[6]

Tier Reward
Initially Unlocked MiraSCV SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders SCV

AdjutantInk SC2Portrait Adjutant Ink Portrait
Mira's Marauders Console

Tier 1 MiraMarine SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Marine
Tier 2 MiraMarauder SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Marauder
Tier 3 MiraGhost SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Ghost
Tier 4 MiraReaper SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Reaper

Lying SC2LotvEmoticon Lying Emoticon

Tier 5 MiraMedivac SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Medivac

Sick SC2LotvEmoticon Sick Emoticon

Tier 6 MiraHellion SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Hellion
Tier 7 MiraCyclone SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Cyclone
Tier 8 MiraWidowMineSC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Widow Mine
Tier 9 MiraSiegeTank SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Siege Tank

Explode SC2LotvEmoticon Terran Explode Emoticon

Tier 10 MiraThor SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Thor

Joker SC2LotvEmoticon Joker Emoticon
MULE SC2LotvEmoticon M.U.L.E. Emoticon
JunkerJoker SC2 Game1 Junker Joker
QueenofHearts SC2 Game1 Queen of Hearts Spray

Tier 11 MiraBanshee SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Banshee
Tier 12 MiraViking SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Viking
Tier 13 MiraLiberator SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Liberator
Tier 14 MiraRaven SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Raven

AceofSpades SC2 Game1 Ace of Spades Spray

Tier 15 MiraBattlecruiser SC2SkinImage Mira's Marauders Battlecruiser

Skull SC2LotvEmoticon Skull Emoticon
Metal SC2LotvEmoticon Metal Emoticon
SpaceCowboy SC2LotvEmoticon Space Cowboy Emoticon
AdjutantColor SC2Portrait Adjutant Color Portrait

Tier Reward
Initially Unlocked PrimalDrone SC2SkinImage Primal Drone

PrimalInk SC2Portrait Primal Ink Portrait
Primal Console

Tier 1 PrimalZergling SC2SkinImage Primal Zergling
Tier 2 PrimalHydralisk SC2SkinImage Primal Hydralisk
Tier 3 PrimalRoach SC2SkinImage Primal Roach
Tier 4 PrimalBaneling SC2SkinImage Primal Baneling

Salute SC2LotvEmoticon Salute Emoticon

Tier 5 PrimalQueen SC2SkinImage Primal Queen

Drool SC2LotvEmoticon Drool Emoticon

Tier 6 PrimalRavager SC2SkinImage Primal Ravager
Tier 7 PrimalSwarmHost SC2SkinImage Primal Swarm Host
Tier 8 PrimalInfestor SC2SkinImage Primal Infestor
Tier 9 PrimalLurker SC2SkinImage Primal Lurker

Scream SC2LotvEmoticon Scream Emoticon

Tier 10 PrimalUltralisk SC2SkinImage Primal Ultralisk

Creep SC2LotvEmoticon Creep Emoticon
Rush SC2LotvEmoticon Zergling Rush Emoticon
JurassicBones SC2 Game1 Jurassic Bones Spray
ZergRush SC2 Game1 Zerg Rush Spray

Tier 11 PrimalOverlord SC2SkinImage Primal Overlord
Tier 12 PrimalMutalisk SC2SkinImage Primal Mutalisk
Tier 13 PrimalCorruptor SC2SkinImage Primal Corruptor
Tier 14 PrimalViper SC2SkinImage Primal Viper

SweetEssence SC2 Game1 Sweet Essence Spray

Tier 15 PrimalBroodLord SC2SkinImage Primal Brood Lord

LeviathanOverseer SC2SkinImage Primal Overseer
PrimalColor SC2Portrait Primal Color Portrait

Tier Reward
Initially Unlocked PurifierProbe SC2SkinImage Purifier Probe

ExecutorInk SC2Portrait Executor Ink Portrait
Purifier Console

Tier 1 PurifierZealot SC2SkinImage Purifier Zealot
Tier 2 PurifierAdept SC2SkinImage Purifier Adept
Tier 3 PurifierStalker SC2SkinImage Purifier Stalker
Tier 4 PurifierDarkTemplar SC2SkinImage Purifier Dark Templar

Hear SC2LotvEmoticon Hear No Evil Emoticon

Tier 5 PurifierHighTemplar SC2SkinImage Purifier High Templar

Speak SC2LotvEmoticon Speak No Evil Emoticon

Tier 6 PurifierSentry SC2SkinImage Purifier Sentry
Tier 7 PurifierImmortal SC2SkinImage Purifier Immortal
Tier 8 PurifierOracle SC2SkinImage Purifier Oracle
Tier 9 PurifierDisruptor SC2SkinImage Purifier Disruptor

See SC2LotvEmoticon See No Evil Emoticon

Tier 10 PurifierColossus SC2SkinImage Purifier Colossus

PurifierObserver SC2SkinImage Purifier Observer
MyLifeForIron SC2 Game1 My Life For Iron Spray

Tier 11 PurifierPhoenix SC2SkinImage Purifier Phoenix
Tier 12 PurifierVoidRay SC2SkinImage Purifier Void Ray
Tier 13 PurifierWarpPrism SC2SkinImage Purifier Warp Prism
Tier 14 PurifierMothership SC2SkinImage Forged Mothership

GLHFProtoss SC2 Game1 GLHF Protoss Spray

Tier 15 PurifierCarrier SC2SkinImage Purifier Carrier

PurifierTempest SC2SkinImage Purifier Tempest
ExecutorColor SC2Portrait Executor Color Portrait

Other Rewards

The following rewards are given upon the first purchase of any War Chest:

Season 3: BlizzCon 2018Edit

The third War Chest was revealed in GSL vs. the World, and was available for purchase on August 9, 2018. It will give players access to Golden Age protoss, Umojan Protectorate terrans, and simulant zerg. This season also introduces banners. Along with all these items, the War Chest also includes a 50% boost to experience earned when playing Co-op. Unlike previous War Chests, this boost will not be limited to 30 days—it will be active for the entire duration of the War Chest event (August 9 to December 6).[7]

Tier Reward
Initially Unlocked UmojaSCV Skin Game1 Umojan SCV

ReaperZergling SC2-LotV Art1 Reaper Banner
InkShadowguard SC2Portrait Umojan Ghost Ink Portrait

Tier 1 UmojaMarine Skin Game1 Umojan Marine
Tier 2 UmojaMarauder Skin Game1 Umojan Marauder
Tier 3 UmojaGhost Skin Game1 Umojan Ghost
Tier 4 UmojaReaper Skin Game1 Umojan Reaper

Medivac SC2LotvEmoticon Medivac Emoticon

Tier 5 UmojaMedivac Skin Game1 Umojan Medivac

Dead SC2LotvEmoticon Dead Emoticon

Tier 6 UmojaHellion Skin Game1 Umojan Hellion
Tier 7 UmojaCyclone Skin Game1 Umojan Cyclone
Tier 8 UmojaWidowMine Skin Game1 Umojan Widow Mine
Tier 9 UmojaSiegeTank Skin Game1 Umojan Siege Tank

CantLook SC2LotvEmoticon Can't Look Emoticon

Tier 10 UmojaThor Skin Game1 Umojan Thor

PointRight SC2LotvEmoticon Point Right Emoticon
PointLeft SC2LotvEmoticon Point Left Emoticon
GLHFTerran SC2 Game1 GLHF Terran Spray

Tier 11 UmojaBanshee Skin Game1 Umojan Banshee
Tier 12 UmojaViking Skin Game1 Umojan Viking
Tier 13 UmojaLiberator Skin Game1 Umojan Liberator
Tier 14 UmojaRaven Skin Game1 Umojan Raven

UmojanProtectorate SC2 Logo1 Umoja Terran Spray

Tier 15 UmojaBattlecruiser Skin Game1 Umojan Battlecruiser

Skeliton SC2LotvEmoticon Skeleton Emoticon
Cheeseburger SC2LotvEmoticon Cheeseburger Emoticon
Potato SC2LotvEmoticon Potato Emoticon
ColorShadowguard SC2Portrait Umoja Ghost Color Portrait

Tier Reward
Initially Unlocked SimulantDrone Skin Game1 Simulant Drone

Zergling SC2-LotV Art1 Zergling Banner
InkSimulantRoach SC2Portrait Simulant Roach Ink Portrait

Tier 1 SimulantZergling Skin Game1 Simulant Zergling
Tier 2 SimulantHydralisk Skin Game1 Simulant Hydralisk
Tier 3 SimulantRoach Skin Game1 Simulant Roach
Tier 4 SimulantBaneling Skin Game1 Simulant Baneling

Dropperlord SC2LotvEmoticon Dropperlord Emoticon

Tier 5 SimulantQueen Skin Game1 Simulant Queen

Pineapple SC2LotvEmoticon Pineapple Emoticon

Tier 6 SimulantRavager Skin Game1 Simulant Ravager]
Tier 7 SimulantSwarmHost Skin Game1 Simulant Swarm Host
Tier 8 SimulantInfestor Skin Game1 Simulant Infestor
Tier 9 SimulantLurker Skin Game1 Simulant Lurker

BroodWarEgg SC2LotvEmoticon Brood War Egg Emoticon

Tier 10 SimulantUltralisk Skin Game1 Simulant Ultralisk

BroodWarHydralisk SC2LotvEmoticon Brood War Hydralisk Emoticon
BroodWarMutalisk SC2LotvEmoticon Brood War Mutalisk Emoticon
GLHFZerg SC2 Game1 GLHF Zerg Spray

Tier 11 SimulantOverlord Skin Game1 Simulant Overlord
Tier 12 SimulantMutalisk Skin Game1 Simulant Mutalisk
Tier 13 SimulantCorruptor Skin Game1 Simulant Corruptor
Tier 14 SimulantViper Skin Game1 Simulant Viper

ProjectSimulant SC2-LotV Logo1 Simulant Zerg Spray

Tier 15 SimulantBroodlord Skin Game1 Simulant Brood Lord

SimulantOverseer Skin Game1 Simulant Overseer
ColorSimulantRoach SC2Portrait Simulant Roach Color Portrait

Tier Reward
Initially Unlocked GoldenProbe Skin Game1 Golden Age Probe

DarkTemplarHydralisk SC2-LotV Art1 Dark Templar Banner
InkGoldenArchon SC2Portrait Golden Age Archon Ink Portrait

Tier 1 GoldenZealot Skin Game1 Golden Age Zealot
Tier 2 GoldenAdept Skin Game1 Golden Age Adept
Tier 3 GoldenStalker Skin Game1 Golden Age Stalker
Tier 4 GoldenDarkTemplar Skin Game1 Golden Age Dark Templar

WarpPrism SC2LotvEmoticon Warp Prism Emoticon

Tier 5 GoldenHighTemplar Skin Game1 Golden Age High Templar

WarpIn SC2LotvEmoticon Warp In Emoticon

Tier 6 GoldenSentry Skin Game1 Golden Age Sentry
Tier 7 GoldenImmortal Skin Game1 Golden Age Immortal
Tier 8 GoldenOracle Skin Game1 Golden Age Oracle
Tier 9 GoldenDisruptor Skin Game1 Golden Age Disruptor

DoubleProxy SC2LotvEmoticon Double Proxy Emoticon

Tier 10 GoldenColossus Skin Game1 Golden Age Colossus

GoldenObserver Skin Game1 Golden Age Observer
GLHFProtoss SC2 Game2 GLHF Protoss Spray

Tier 11 GoldenPhoenix Skin Game1 Golden Age Phoenix
Tier 12 GoldenVoidRay Skin Game1 Golden Age Void Ray
Tier 13 GoldenWarpPrism Skin Game1 Golden Age Warp Prism
Tier 14 GoldenMothership Skin Game1 Golden Age Mothership

GoldenAge SC2 Game1 Golden Age Protoss Spray

Tier 15 GoldenCarrier Skin Game1 Golden Age Carrier

GoldenTempest Skin Game1 Golden Age Tempest
ColorGoldenArchon SC2Portrait Golden Age Archon Color Portrait

All Races

The following rewards are available to those who purchase all three race War Chests for the BlizzCon 2018.

Tier Reward
Initially Unlocked Planet SC2-LotV Art1 Fringe World Banner
Other Rewards

The following rewards are given upon the first purchase of any War Chest:

Season 4Edit

The fourth war chest will integrate directly with Twitch to reward players who watch StarCraft II on Twitch, earning XP towards unlocking rewards, just as if they were playing the game. Rewards for WC4 are themed after the Dominion Special Forces, simulant zerg, and Tal'darim protoss, including:

  • Player portraits
  • Sprays
  • Emoticons
  • Banners
  • Building skins

Each race set in the fourth war chest can be bought for $9.99 USD for each race or $24.99 USD for all the races, with 25% of profits going towards 2019 SC2 esports. It will release on December 18th.[8]


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