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The war council

The war council is one of the locations of the Spear of Adun that can be accessed on the story-mode space of the Legacy of the Void campaign.

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Zealot. SC2-LotV Game1

Unit selection

The war council acts as a unit hub - as new units are unlocked throughout the campaign, they will appear in the background. Each unit will have three alternate versions which by design will aim to be of similar power levels, but suited to different scenarios. The designs are inspired by the faction the unit was acquired from.[1] These choices are not permanent, and can be changed between missions.[2]

Name Variants
Melee warrior
Base unit: Zealot
ZealotAiur LotV Rend1 ZealotCenturion LotV Rend1 ZealotSentinel LotV Rend1
Variants Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Aiur Zealot Nerazim SC2-LotV Logo1 Centurion Purifiers SC2-LotV Logo1 Sentinel
Abilities Charge, Whirlwind Shadow Charge, Darkcoil Charge, Reconstruction
Available Initially available Initially available Complete "Forbidden Weapon"
Ranged warrior
Base unit: Stalker
Stalker SC2 render2 Dragoon SC2-LotV Rend1 Adept SC2-LotV Rend2
Variants Nerazim SC2-LotV Logo1 Stalker Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Dragoon Purifiers SC2-LotV Logo1 Adept
Abilities Blink, Phase Reactor Phase Disruptor, Dragoon Chassis Psionic Transfer
Available Initially available Initially available Complete "Temple of Unification"
Robotic assault
Base unit: Immortal
Immortal SC2 Rend1 Annihilator SC2-LotV Rend1 Taldarim Immortal SC2 Rend
Variants Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Immortal Nerazim SC2-LotV Logo1 Annihilator Tal'darim SC2-LotV Logo2 Vanguard
Abilities Barrier, Improved Barrier Shadow Cannon Scatter Cannon
Available Complete "Brothers in Arms" Complete "Brothers in Arms" Complete "Harbinger of Oblivion" or 4 mission after "Brothers in Arms"
Cloaked Warrior
Base unit: Dark templar
DarkTemplar SC2 Game3 Avenger SC2-LotV Rend1 Blood Hunter SC2-LotV Rend1
Variants Nerazim SC2-LotV Logo1 Dark templar Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Avenger Tal'darim SC2-LotV Logo2 Blood hunter
Abilities Shadow Fury, Permanently Cloaked Emergency Recall, Permanently Cloaked Void Stasis, Permanently Cloaked
Available Complete "Amon's Reach" Complete "Amon's Reach" Complete "The Infinite Cycle"
Robotic support
Base unit: Sentry
Sentry SC2 DevRend1 Energizer SC2-LotV Rend1 Taldarim Sentry SC2 Rend
Variants Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Sentry Purifiers SC2-LotV Logo1 Energizer Tal'darim SC2-LotV Logo2 Havoc
Abilities Double Shield Recharge, Guardian Shield Chrono Beam, Phasing Mode Target Lock, Squad Sight, Force Field
Available Complete "Forbidden Weapon" Complete "Forbidden Weapon" Complete "Unsealing the Past" or "Steps of the Rite" or 5 missions after "Forbidden Weapon"
Base unit: Phoenix
Phoenix SC2 Rend1 Corsair SC2-LotV Game1 Mirage SC2-LotV Rend1
Variants Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Phoenix Nerazim SC2-LotV Logo1 Corsair Purifiers SC2-LotV Logo1 Mirage
Abilities Graviton Beam, Double Graviton Beam Disruption Web Graviton Beam, Phasing Armor
Available Complete "Temple of Unification" Complete "Temple of Unification" Complete "Purification"
Psionic warrior
Base unit: High Templar
HighTemplar SC2 Rend1 DarkArchon SC2-LotV Game1 Taldarim High Templar SC2 Rend
Variants Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 High Templar Nerazim SC2-LotV Logo1 Dark archon Tal'darim SC2-LotV Logo2 Ascendant
Abilities Feedback, Psionic Storm, Plasma Surge, Archon Merge Mind Control, Confusion Mind Blast, Psionic Orb, Sacrifice
Available Complete "Harbinger of Oblivion" Complete "Harbinger of Oblivion" Complete "Rak'Shir"
Assault ship
Base unit: Void ray
Nerazim Void Ray SC2 Rend Taldarim Void Ray SC2 Rend Sc2 arbiter
Variants Nerazim SC2-LotV Logo1 Void Ray Tal'darim SC2-LotV Logo2 Destroyer Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Arbiter
Abilities Prismatic Alignment, Prismatic Range Destruction Beam Stasis Field, Mass Recall, Cloak Field
Available Complete "Steps of the Rite" Complete "Steps of the Rite" Complete two missions after "Steps of the Rite"
Robotic siege
Base unit: Colossus
Purifier Colossus SC2-LotV Rend1 Reaver SC2-LotV Rend1 Taldarim Colossus SC2 Rend
Variants Purifiers SC2-LotV Logo1 Colossus Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Reaver Tal'darim SC2-LotV Logo2 Wrathwalker
Abilities Cliff Walker, Fire Beam Scarab Shot Cliff Walker, Charged Blast
Available Complete "Unsealing the Past" Complete "Unsealing the Past" Complete two missions after "Unsealing the Past"
Capital ship
Base unit: Carrier
Carrier SC2-LotV Rend1 Purifier Tempest SC2-LotV Rend1 MothershipTaldarim SC2-LotV Rend1
Variants Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Carrier Purifiers SC2-LotV Logo1 Tempest Tal'darim SC2-LotV Logo2 Mothership
Abilities Repair Drones, Build Interceptor Disintegration Black Hole, Thermal Lance, Blink
Available Complete "Templar's Charge" Complete "Templar's Charge" Complete a mission after "Templar's Charge"


ArtanisSpearofAdun SC2-LotV DevStory1

Artanis entering the war council

The war council was the first set designed for the story-mode space of Legacy of the Void.[3] It was designed to be dark and foreboding, in order to keep in with the tone of Artanis having to command a protoss army.[4]

Several other unused units were once intended to be available to the player through the war council. The signifier as a Nerazim high templar, the skylord as a Tal'darim carrier, and the skytalon as a Tal'darim phoenix exist as partly completed units. The instigator is a completed unit that appears in one mission as a Purifier stalker, but in the final product the adept represents the Purifier faction alongside the stalker and dragoon.

Data for the scout as a Purifier-faction unit exists; the scout uses the same assets as the AI-exclusive scouts, but has different stats and tooltips that imply it would have an afterburners ability to give it a temporary speed boost. There is also an incomplete Aiur void ray, and a "shadow archon" that would be merged from two dark templar. The shadow archon would have completed a trio of archons with the normal archon and dark archon, each accessible only by certain factions: the Tal'darim blood hunter contains unused commands to merge into dark archons, while the shadow archon was created by merging Nerazim dark templar. Data exists for a Purifier robotic assault unit called the "Resistor", which was replaced by the Nerazim annihilator. Data also exists for a Nerazim Sentry called Manipulator and a Nerazim Carrier called "Shakuras Carrier" that use the dark carrier model, there is also data for a Purifier Carrier named Bomber, that have an ability similar to the Battlecruiser Tactical Jump.

In the final product, the Tal'darim motherships occupy the third slot in the capital ship tier, and the arbiter represents the Aiur faction in the assault ship tier. Unfinished data for a purifier mothership and an Aiur mothership exist; along with the Tal'darim mothership and arbiter, the three would have provided a separate tier reserved for cloaking support ships.[5]


StarCraft 2- Legacy of the Void All War Council Upgrades

StarCraft 2- Legacy of the Void All War Council Upgrades


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