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The Warhawk is a terran heavy assault craft.


The warhawk features multiple missile launchers with variable targeting systems and a frontal laser cannon for weaponry, and is able to hover for prolonged periods of time.

A warhawk was deployed by the Defenders of Man into the city of Sharpsburg to stop Nova Terra from escaping their forces. Nova was able to destroy the warhawk and reach an escape shuttle.[1]

Game Unit[]

The warhawk appears as a boss at the end of "The Escape," fought on the highway. The warhawk will target six points on the highway and then launch a missile at each of them shortly after, dealing 75 damage with each impact. It will repeat this pattern, then rise into the air and fire a larger array of missiles, before landing behind Nova. At this time the warhawk unveils its laser cannon and alternates firing long laser blasts down the top and bottom lanes of the highway, dealing 100 damage.

After the warhawk takes enough damage, it will return to flying in front of Nova and return to its missile attacks. At this time banshees will begin to fly in to air near the warhawk. When low on HP, the warhawk will unveil its laser cannon again and start firing it, charging faster than before. Destroying the warhawk ends the level.


During development the Warhawk had an EMP ability that would drain Nova's energy and negate her energy regeneration for 10 seconds.[2]


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