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"Jump Gate connected to Shakuras's warp network. Only specialized craft can travel through the gate."

- Structure description(src)

A warp conduit on Kaldir

Warp conduits are protoss transport devices that allow specialized craft to travel between planets[1], and to different locations on the surface of the same planet. They require a connection to the psionic matrix to function.[2]

Shakuras was the hub of the warp network that they form by the Second Great War[1]. Its warp conduit possessed a different design from the others. During the End War, Hierarch Artanis and the Daelaam defended the conduit to allow the Nerazim to evacuate the planet.[3]

A similar device was present on a distant, shadowed world in the Overmind's vision of Amon's final victory. This structure displayed an orange portal and different color scheme from other warp conduits.[4]

Game Structure[]

A Nerazim warp conduit on Shakuras

A structure similar to a warp conduit appears in "In Utter Darkness", though is a doodad rather than a structure. As such, it cannot be selected.[4]

Warp conduits appear in the Heart of the Swarm mission "Shoot the Messenger." Kerrigan must prevent shuttles from entering them. The warp conduits cannot be destroyed, and have no displayable stats. At first only one conduit is active, but as the mission progresses, others are activated.[1]

They reappear in the Legacy of the Void mission "For Aiur!". Zerg structures must be cleared to allow the conduits to reactivate[2]. A warp conduit also appears in the mission "Amon's Reach". The player must defend the conduit from Amon's Void thrashers while also clearing the launch bays of zerg infestation.[3]

Known Sites[]

A warp conduit on Aiur


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