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This article or section contains information from the optional Covert Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Welcome to the Jungle is a mission in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.



The Second Great War gave Gabriel Tosh, an anti-Dominion spectre, the opportunity to acquire the materials needed to train more spectres. He hired Raynor's Raiders to mine jorium from Redstone III,[1] and then to steal terrazine from protoss shrines on Bel'Shir. The shrines were guarded by the Tal'darim, a protoss religious movement.[2]

The MissionEdit

Commander Jim Raynor hoped to negotiate with the Tal'darim for some of the gas. However, the Tal'darim adamantly refused; the gas was a gift from the gods and not to be disturbed by the terrans. The Raiders, in turn, refused to give up and deployed goliaths for the operation. The protoss first attempted to interfere with the extraction process, but as the Raiders grew more successful, the Tal'darim moved to seal the shrines. Nonetheless, the Raiders managed to get away with seven canisters of terrazine.[2]


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Afterward, Captain Matt Horner received a transmission from an untraceable source, explaining that one of the terrazine's uses is to enhance ghosts into spectres. Tosh admitted to being a spectre, but claimed the transmission came from Emperor Arcturus Mengsk in an attempt to divide them. Raynor agreed to let the matter pass, but wasn't sure if he could trust Tosh.[2]

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The only way to harvest terrazine is to bring an SCV to each shrine. Harvesting time increases with difficulty. The SCV must return to the command center with the terrazine canister. The protoss attack harvesting SCVs mainly with air units; marines, medics and goliaths are the best escorts. SCVs must be escorted to the shrine and back.

Protoss counter-attacks grow stronger over time. Harvesting terrazine simultaneously from shrines in close proximity to each other may save time while limiting the size of the escort force.

The protoss attempt to seal shrines with probes preventing terrazine harvesting. The frequency of attempts increasing with difficulty. There are more shrines than required to meet the primary objective. Allowing some shrines to be sealed may save time.

Destroy the protoss base north of the starting area quickly to ease access to the rest of the map. This is important to earn the "It's So Easy" achievement. The main protoss base is on a ramp-accessible plateau to the far north. It is heavily defended by colossi, void rays and high templar. Destroying it is optional. Alternatively, one could use reapers, vultures, or hellions to snipe the probes, though losses are likely. Spectres and ghosts will be detected, as each probe is also sent with an observer.

You can also automatically win the match if you completely wipe out the protoss instead of harvesting any of the shrines. Horner will comment how they could not stand up to their might and are now retreating.

Do not neglect base defenses. The protoss attack through the western ramp later in the game. Missile turrets on the ridges can help dissuade scouts and damage colossi. On higher difficulties, the Tal'darim will send high templar, so attempt to bait out their psionic storms with small groups of units.

There are three protoss relics that may be collected. The first is immediately north of the player's base, the second is on the western portion of the map just past a Tal'darim position on the high ground. The third is in the northeast corner of the map, and is defended by cannons and a warp prism that constantly warps in zealots.


WelcomeToTheJungle SC2 Icon1 Welcome to the Jungle

15 (Covert Mission) Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete all mission objectives on any difficulty

ApetiteForDestruction SC2 Icon1 Appetite for Destruction

10 (Covert Mission) Achievement SC2 Game1


Prevent the protoss from destroying any SCVs on Normal difficulty or higher.


The achievement is a reference to an album by Guns N' Roses

ItsSoEasy SC2 Icon1 It's So Easy

10 (Covert Mission) Achievement SC2 Game1


Prevent the protoss from capping a terrazine node in the mission on Hard difficulty


The achievement is a reference to a song by Guns N' Roses

YoureSoCrazy SC2 Icon1 You'ze So Crazy!

0 (Feat of Strength) Achievement SC2 Game1


In Welcome to the Jungle, destroy all protoss structures on normal difficulty or higher.



  • The nexus of the protoss camp closest to Raynor's starting base has the Akilae Tribe decal attached to it, instead of the usual Tal'darim Standard. The nexii of the main Tal'darim base utilize the Tal'darim Standard correctly. The mission "Supernova" has a similar error.


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