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Wendell Carver was the leader of the Screaming Skulls, a band of mercenaries and smugglers who would do anything to make money. He wore a gold hoop in his right ear.[1]


In 2502 his pirates had taken over the Apollo Shipyard, killing its crew, and took part in a plot to capture visiting ships, such as the damaged General Lee and its crew, the War Pigs. Four of the War Pigs were captured, including Cole Hickson. Carver asked Hickson to join his team, but Hickson wasn't interested, and indeed threatened him. Carver promised that his assistant Dasch would get to "play" with Hickson if he didn't change his mind soon.

The fifth War Pig, Romy Pyrius, remained aboard the General Lee and, in a stim-fueled frenzy, killed the pirates set to board the ship. Pyrius then opened fire on the station, creating enough chaos to let the other War Pigs escaped. The remaining pirates fled to the safety of their ship, the Cutlass. Carver released cybercats to deal with the War Pigs. When even that failed Carver still wanted to leave, as he could nuke the station after he left. However, he and the other pirates were killed before they could make it to the Cutlass when War Pig Nuura Joss shot out a window, subjecting them to the vacuum of space.[1]


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