The White Star is a Terran Dominion battlecruiser.


The White Star was launched shortly before the invasion of Char. It was the Dominion's newest battlecruiser. Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk was scheduled to speak at the ceremony, but it had to proceed without him when he failed to arrive.[1]

Not long afterwards, the White Star became the flagship of Arcturus Mengsk. As Valerian and Jim Raynor led their fleets to battle Kerrigan at Char, Mengsk took the ship and half of the fleet nearby, and waited to see the victor of the battle. When Raynor and Valerian were victorious, Mengsk revealed the ship and his fleet, and demanded they turn over Kerrigan. Valerian refused, and the fleets engaged in battle. The rebel ships Bucephalus and Hyperion fled and the White Star again engaged them in the Kirkegaard Belt, but the rebels again escaped.[2]


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